Monday, January 25, 2010

a blog button for dear love.

so cute! thx rosie. and carly for getting that done. :)

one day i won't have a bagillion other things to do and can make stuff again.

enough. no more complaining. its 2010. i will MAKE the time.



Sunday, January 24, 2010


well i don't know about you but i'm sold.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

dear love calendar marked down!

2010 is upon us and to celebrate I reduced the price of my calendar set to only $12.00!!!!! They are perfect for sitting on your desk to cheerfully remind you of the date or to throw in your purse to jot down notes and plan your weeks. They are the size of a matchbook, very compact and continually inspiring month to month.

get em while their hot!!!

ps I only list them on etsy one at a time so if its sold check back and I promise there will be another listing, I have lots!


i'm just going through my google analytics for this blog and someone found this blog by searching 'food colouring in my eyes'. you poor poor person! two things...
a) how does someone get food colouring in both eyes?!
b) get off google and get yourself to a hospital! jeeeeeze

Saturday, January 2, 2010

always sometimes never

I always:

+ eat when i am hungry
+ daydream
+ will listen to your problems
+ wish i had more energy and free time
+ say i love you
+ hate clutter
+ want to buy my own house

I sometimes:

+ blog (hah)
+ remember to pay my phone bill
+ want to pack it all up and buy a cabin in the middle of nowhere
+ need to think before i open my mouth
+ forget to return phone calls
+ crave vegetables
+ recycle

I never:

+ want to be without my best friends
+ will be organized enough
+ like drinking pop
+ will have enough buttons
+ want to be old
+ will loose my wonder for mountains
+ will stop re-arranging the furniture
+ thought i could love someone this much

new years resolutions

-eat less food from packages
-go to the gym at least twice a week (or cancel the membership, its mighty expensive)
-buy a bike this summer or upgrade the one i have
-manage my anxiety better
-walk away from my job at then end of the day, everything will work out in the end
-drink more water
-get all my bills in order, pay them on time
-make a monthly/weekly budget and stick to it
-spend time contributing to my blog instead of just reading other ones
-create more, more often
-be thankful for my wonderful boyfriend
-call my parents more
-savor more moments

i am so full of hope and anticipation for this year. i have a secure job and now have a secure apartment with my secure boyfriend. its surreal that this time last year i was going through so many changes, never knowing what city i would be living in next, no job, nothing stable in my life. 2009 has proved to be a great year for figuring out what makes me happy and surrounding myself with these things. i am looking so forward to 2010 and being able to continue to 'settle down' and continually working to streamline and simplify everything.

yay 2010!!
OH EM GEE i can't even begin to tell you how crazy busy the last few days have been.

it started on the 28th when i finally got ahold of my landlord that i had been harassing diligently calling for the past week, asking her when we can move in. she finally picks up the phone and turns out we can move in the next day. okay great! now i just have to plan an entire move in less then a couple hours. geeeeeze.

somehow, we get the truck and the trailer all packed that same night. in the morning we drive from my parents house (about two hours away from toronto) to the new apartment, unpack everything, drive to my cottage (about an hour and a half away from toronto) to pick up the couch and bed and then back to the city to unpack it. then alllllll the way home to return the truck and alllllll the way back to the city in our car. unpack the huge load of christmas gifts that was in our car and passssss out. what a day.

the next day is pretty much the same pace but involves packing up two cars worth of stuff, driving to the new apartment, taking everything up 28 floors to the new place and then throwing it in the door. and if that wasn't enough on our shoulders we volunteered to host my brother and his girlfriend for dinner that night so we make a special trip to the st. lawrence to buy food, and the president cooks us an amazing meal in a (somehow) clean apartment.

new years was great though. we ate and drank at the old apartment (toooo much crazyness at the new one, although i am SOO looking forward to entertaining there, so much more space and we have a kitchen table now!) and then walked downtown to nathen phillips square just in time to see the fireworks go off. magical!
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