Sunday, March 29, 2009

and she didn't know, right away, that it wasn't.

yesterday was warmer and it rained, but jack frost is back today, that's what march is like. on the road there are still a few worms but they are frozen. wormsicles. there is a certain kind of ice on the puddles at the side of the road, the thin glass kind, fracturing like a sugar pane when you delicately press your boot, smashing like a windshield when you jump. later in the day, when it gets warmer, you will be able to push the puddle's barely frozen surface and see it wrinkle and fold like a sheet. where there is bare earth and bumpy old grass, the clumps glitter cold, fine-crunching beneath your boot, grains of glass melting from the faint heat of your foot. it is still cold, but not so cold that you couldn't eat an apple outside and taste it. these are the things of march.
Excerpt from The way the crow flies, by Anne-Marie MacDonald.

you say you'd like to see me closer, of course you would, you have no choice

good morning.

its raining outside. one of those drizzle-ey slow floating rains that doesn't ever seem to reach the ground. i hate rain.

feel free to buy me this necklace, from brooklyn rehab. so cute and porcelain.

last night we went to a bonfire at the presidents parents house. it was a gorgeous night. the sky was full of stars and the air was surprisingly warm. i ate four marshmallows and had the worst stomach cramps from them. i could eat bags and bags of salty chips but my body has no tolerance for sugar.

but back to the weather. it was gorgeous the last two days, spring was definitely in the air. the breeze was warm and the sun was out. outer layers were shed and white runners were rescued from the bottom of the pile of shoes.

here is a list of all the things that i did in the last two days of beautiful weather outside. because a) i love lists and b) i haven't drank my tea yet and c) its raining now

raked the front lawn at my dads house
played frisbee
started talking about growing a garden this summer with my mom
picked up sticks around the yard
hit a couple golf balls
drove around with the sunroof open
had a bonfire
smelled bbq and promptly went to the store to buy burgers and buns for dinner
sat outside on the deck and chatted

and now. did i mention its raining? ho hum.

You build the wall I'll build the fountain
We'll wrestle it, we'll conquer it
I think we'll live to see the mountain
Well, of course we will, we have no choice

And I cry cause the weather has gotten to me
I laugh at the people that I can't be
all their lives are silly pictures

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quel temps fait-il?

spring time calls for sepia tones.

the geese are flying back! wow my life is wicked interesting eh? whats not to love -a blog about what migratory birds are doing.

the president is out writing a very important test. he is applying to pretty much the only place that is aggressively hiring right now, the rcmp. today's test proves that yes he does indeed have a brain inside his head and that he can use it to speak and comprehend english. he has a physical test thursday where he has to run three miles and attempt thirty pull ups.

once he is hired, which i am positive he will be, he goes to regina saskatchewan for five months for training. i have to say my only reservations about this whole career is the five months i will be left here without him. its not a bad gig though, they pay to fly you out there, room and board is provided plus he gets 500$ extra a week. enough for a few plane tickets for moi.

then we get to choose three regions where he might like to work and they try and place us there. they will all be on the west coast, in and around the rockies. both of us have such a lust love for those beautiful mountains. i can't wait to wake up and see them everyday. climb them on my days off and co-exist with the wildlife that thrives there. its truly a different way of life, less stress and the natural beauty never ceases to amaze.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

etsy vortex


Question: would YOU hire this person off kijiji?

Hi , my name is Jeff. I live in Fenlon Falls Ont. You dont have alot of cash at the moment but you need your roof fixed or re done, call me and lets work something out. (Dont worry let me worry about it.) Kwartha Lakes Only.

hahahha definitely kwartha lakes only.

although not exactly warm outside i am sitting here with the window open enjoying the smells of fresh growth and the promise of warmer weather. i can't wait for summer, its been way too long.
for the mean time i will live vicariously through these pictures from AT. feel free to do the same...


Sunday, March 22, 2009

shine like it does

i'm sitting here munching on delicious homemade peanut butter banana bread and sipping not too hot not too cold coffee, looking outside to a beautiful blue sky after 10 hours of sleep and realizing my life is pretty wicked right now.

i know i haven't been on the blog that much lately and its because i view blogging as a very private thing. i know that i write these words and then publish them on the internet for anyone to google and see but ...before i hit that publish button these words are still fresh, new, they are my feelings and my interpretations of what goes on in my life as any blogger i am sure can relate too.

before this week my living situation meant that i shared a computer with four other people, in a public place in the house and without any privacy to compose my thoughts. i still wrote in my notebook and took time to reflect in words what was going on in my life, but they just didn't make it to the internet. and i am sad about that because it was a very tumultuous time in my life and it would probably have made for some good entries.

in one way it was a very difficult time, i was constantly rearranging my thoughts to accomplish different goals and i was constantly reacting to different circumstances. i wasn't sure of my actions, or rather my reactions. i wasn't sure enough about my decisions to put them on the internet for others to read. in a way i probably knew that those decisions would just have to make way for new decisions so it was essentially pointless to pretend like i had a solid grasp of what i was doing with my life.

but, i can write this now because that time is over. i have solid ground to stand on, landmarks to look for in the future and a plan to get there. so essentially, long story short, i am back.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

every day is a new day

no, really. a brand new day. new sunshine, new plans, new feelings.

on paper my life has been literally and figuratively a walk in the park lately. i have no real job, no reason to set my alarm, no reason to feel the weight on my shoulders. but i do. because i'm like that. i crave structure and limits. i want a reason to feel tired. i am stressing about not being stressed.

correction, i was stressing. we had a plan, and then another one, and then that happened so we made another one, oh right and then that fell through and then we decided all this planning business wasn't actually getting us anywhere.

so no where is where we have decided to go. which seems like a non-plan but was actually one of the harder plans to figure out. have i royally confused you yet? welcome to my wonderland.

there are obviously many factors but the major one was my lovely incompetent school has just recently informed me that instead of one more semester of classes, i have seven days of classes. every monday, all day, for seven weeks. hardly a reason to sign a one year lease and move for the fourth time in three months to an apartment we can't afford, sign contracts on bills we can't pay, and to look yet again for jobs we should have had yesterday.

so we will sit pretty here. enjoy the country that many come to cottage in. live in the scenery people take their two week vacations to come too. we have resources here. jobs lined up. people who are willing to stick their neck out for us. we will build our bank accounts back up and make the next plan, the next move, oh so much better.

because as the plan stands now, the next plan will be more then one province away.
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