Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a year of lists: what to blog about

I accidentally forgot to set my alarm last night and woke up too late to make it to morning class. I'm lucky because I can catch the same class in the afternoon, but it weird to be sitting at home in the morning. its been raining non stop lately. I wish it would stop. the weather is so dreary and sad. i remembered last night how much i love red wine. shared with friends over cards, nothing better really.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

currently loving : brown, linen, and ceramic

apron +
cutting board +
ceramic spoons +

Things have been busy but great. I had a little freak out today when I got home from school because there are a lot of unknown variables in my life right now but I'm feeling calmer now. The tipping point was my car acting up again, the transmission is just f*cked right up and now it does this chugging thing before the starter turns over. peters saying its because of the cold but I don't know...I hope hes right. plus we are actively looking for a new roommate and if we don't find one soon-ish then we would have to move and that makes me really sad and anxious. I do really like our apartment and especially the location. also, I don't have a job or any source on income right now so thats pretty much a constant stress haha.

but on the UPSIDE I've been going to the gym regularly, about three times a week. drinking tons of water. trying to go to bed earlier then midnight and cooking lots of tasty vegetables. I've put a loose ban on myself that doesn't allow eating out or snacking out of laziness.  I've also stopped buying chips (I KNOW RIGHT?) so thats helping because I am sure as shit not going to walk in the freezing cold to get chips when I get the munchies to eat them.

I feel so lucky to be in such a great relationship. Peter is honestly just the sweetest most loving person I know. sometimes I overreact and over analyze (he didn't fold the laundry before I got home turns into Hes never going to fold laundry again turns into Do I want to always be responsible for folding laundry forever and ever Is this my life) whoaaaa nelly. I need to reign that brain in. deal with today. focus on one thing. rationalize if it really REALLY matters.

+ made this recipe last night for spicy roasted broccoli, soooo tasty
+ Hoping to catch this while its still in Toronto (and I can get in for student price!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

eliminating clutter : the kitchen

one of the first things that I made a priority for this new year is eliminating useless clutter.

I went through the cabinets and got rid of useless mismatched dishes and almost everything that was crappy and plastic. now because all of the 'like items' are grouped together its a pleasure to make coffee in the morning. the coffee beans, the ginder and the french press are all together, ahhhhh.

I also bought one regular size and one large size case of mason jars for the pantry. I threw out so much packaging and condensed everything to uniform sized jars. now all my baking items are together and easy to identify. I can also see exactly how much is left of everything in the pantry before going to the grocery store. we use the mason jars for leftovers and food storage in the fridge and freezer as well as they can go from frozen to the fridge and even to a microwave (if we had one, but we never will, but thats not the point) if we wanted.

my favorite thing to store in mason jars - soup! you can freeze it, then defrost it and even eat it right of of the jar, no need for extra dishes.

if you attempt something similar then I highly recommend a funnel. I didn't have one so I made one out of a pie plate that I pressed the middle down to make a cone shape and then punched a medium sized hole in the center of. easy and cheap!

Monday, January 14, 2013

A year of lists: Things to do NOT in front of a screen

Every week in 2013 I am going to hand write a list. This week there will two lists because I missed posting the first week.

I want to document my thoughts/feeling/preferences/everything and the best way I thought to do this was with a list. I know above all I can always ALWAYS motivate myself to make a list.

this weeks list comes from sitting at home, bored, and not wanting to watch any more crappy tv (ie sister wives, actually so addicted to that show, wow).  I wanted to see what other options I could come up with that didn't involve my phone or the computer or the tv. I ended up trying to take a quick nap and then attempting pumpkin muffins that tasting like dense hockey pucks, but REGARDLESS at least it was a learning experience and it wasn't in front of the dreaded screeeeeen.

your invited to join in and make your own list on this topic and link up in the comments. xox

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I know I'm a little late to the resolutions bandwagon but I want to touch on my word for 2013.

Mindful. Mindfulness.

so what does mindfulness mean to me?

"Mindfulness is the ability to notice what you are experiencing right now. The ability to be aware of what happens to you from moment to moment. You do this is an accepting way, you do not judge."
(from Flow magazine, Feeling better through mindfulness)

I want to be present, aware, constantly noticing. I don't want to miss an opportunity to laugh or give a hug. I want to take time for myself to restore and refocus, but when in the company of others I want them to know I am fully engaged.

I want to limit multi-tasking. focus on one thing, do it properly and efficiently and move on to the next.

eat with purpose.

look for inspiration. go out into the world JUST for inspiration. a walk through the neighborhood  through the magazine isle, through the vegetable section. take time to be inspired and the world will deliver.

accept others for who they are. don't spend energy or time thinking about changing another person. you wouldn't want to be changed, don't create expectations.
do not rely on them for everything but choose skills they excel at and utilize this. it will make both of us happier in the end.

when I read the Happiness Project one thing that really stuck with me is that more happiness is derived from striving to reach your goals then from the moment you finally get there. I need to remember that the end goal is not the only place to find happiness. Happiness comes from every step towards the goal I make. this can be applied all over my life. happiness from going to the gym multiple times a week instead of from a number I will one day achieve. happiness from making beautiful food and sharing it with others. happiness from going to bed knowing I put in a long day of hard work and effort on my homework.
I put off enjoying the everyday happiness in an effort to 'save' it for the big moment when everything comes together. thats backwards. happiness comes every day from working towards my goals and progressing and the trials and from living life today, instead of from that moment when I realize I did it and now theres just another thing to work towards anyway.

use my short term memory more. test myself. learn peoples birthdays and phone numbers.

always hug my friends good-bye.

I'm ready for you 2013.

(image source - mindful mondays)
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