Wednesday, April 20, 2011

okay so i just opened up this page to blog and THEN THE FIRE ALARM STARTED GOING OFF.

which is semi-holyjesus-distracting. SO UNBELIEVABLY LOUD.

i live in an apartment building. this happens more then i care to talk about. stop lighting shit on fire people and keep worry about cramming more children into a two bedroom apartment.

also. while we are on the topic there is a hallway outside of the elevators (obviously) and people leave all kinds of shit out there for the taking.

this weekend there was a fish tank with the pump removed and laying on the table beside it.


poor fish!

at least


i don't even know how to finish that sentence.

AT LEAST deal with your fish that you clearly bought as pets from the pet store and brought home and managed to feed daily and care for before today.


how do you decide today is the day that you can no longer do it and walk them down the hall and not even care.


the firetrucks are here. fingers crossed its just an idiot smoking in the stairway and we can get on with this blogging (non)business.

home this weekend. Lindsay.

hahah my brother just asked me if there is anyway to make microwave popcorn not in the microwave.


HAPPY 4/20!!!!!

i do not endorse or agree with microwaves. fundamentally opposed to them actually. what the fuck, how can you think radiating your food with a bunch of radio active 'waves' makes it good for ingesting in your body?

i bet if i invented microwaves tomorrow and no one had ever heard of them there is no way people would be okay with them. fuck we can't even deal with plastic water bottles any more. RADIATION BEAMING INTO YOUR FOOD.



no chance.

firealarm went off.


so where were we. Lindsay. this weekend.

might be going camping apparently? (probably not, don't get your hopes up)(maybe in your garage)(giant crab 2?)

my friend is finishing teachers college! i will drink to that. hahah oh yes we will drink to that.

thats the lindsay way. liver obliver-y. (good one)

shots. drinks. always a water bottle before the bar. the stupid york with its shitty service and mirrored ceilings. also cab drivers in small towns are real people who aren't just rude and smelly and pissed that you want to pay with credit card. (its a real form of payment, deal with it, i have the option to tip any amount with credit card if you played yours cards differently maybe that could potentially work to your advantage)

alright well i'm spent.

actually before i go i would like to mention that today ian brought home bacon band-aids and also bacon flavoured pop corn.

we are truly related.

also blogger makes safari unexpectantly quit every time i hit publish. whats up with that?


Sunday, April 17, 2011

fully completely

Here are some things I learned this week

-manage expectations. people wont expect you to do something but if you say your going to then follow through. my old boss always lived by this saying "under promise, over deliver"
-don't give it all away. the mystery is what keeps them coming back for more.
-eat real foods. or better yet, eat/buy ingredients. the problem with our food and the way we think about food is not healthy. less is more.
-there is rarely a good enough reason to buy jagger shots right before leaving the bar

i'm at a weird/great phase of my life right now. i won't go into details right now because its still all a big sloppy mess but i have made a decision to find happiness in every day. to interact with people in a consistently meaningful way. to make plans and look forward to them and enjoy every single moment.  its a big scary overwhelming step but its right, and i've known it for too long to not follow though.

i've been high on life this whole week like every day i wake up and i have the energy to just start the day. i have been excited about the simplest things and looking forward to the future. i know the next phase is going to be tough, extremely tough, i will be risking it all, all the safety nets i have built are being torn down. i am the one who is responsible for making the decision and i have to own up to that. i can not play the victim. i am the reason.

no risk no reward.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


words of wisdom

"Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. 

Let me not pass you by in the quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. 

Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so. One day, I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in the pillow, or stretch myself taut, and raise my hads to the sky and want, more than all the world your return." --Mary Jean Iron

Saturday, April 9, 2011

today is the perfect day

home alone.

yes yes yes yes yes.

love it.

sorry ian , but a day alone is such a perfect treat.

today so far..was great. here is a list why.

1) woke up and read for half an hour and THEN WENT BACK TO SLEEP. i'm one of those people who once they are up, i'm up for good. i'll kinda maybe go for a few more snooze rounds on the blackberry but its over by that point.
2) messaged my favorite aunt about potential hang outs this weekend and she was like what about right now, you and me mars food diner breakfast and beaches boardwalk tour. done and done.
3) finnnnnally went to the bank. thats actually been on my list for over two weeks. she was running low.
4) got my tax return!!!! perfect so perfect of timing. i need that buffer zone.
5) went to double take (my most favorite thrift store, seriously can't go more then 6 days without going back...i get withdrawl. ) and only donated a big bag of stuff and although i didn't buy anything i think that was also exactly what i needed to do. cleaning out the clutter.
6) found this:
vanilla & lime blossom scented oil. can i wear this stuff? no actually i like it for the smell in the room better. perfect for summer.

i am putting a lot of expectations on this summer. i always put a lot of goals on the table for summer but this year i am specifically going to be pushing the comfort zone. summer is the perfect season. not a lot of people love summer but i really do, i love to be hot, sweaty even. i love wearing bare feet and dainty shoes. showing off my tattoo. telling the story of my tattoo. laying out in the sun, so many ripe fruits and juicy vegetables and bike rides.
winter really gets me down. i feel like molasses in winter, layered in and stuck. always a barrier between me and the outside.

summer is freedom. fresh air and open spaces. also in the summer i have my cottage. the cottage is the perfect place to do the things above but also include skiing, bbq, and fun times with family. i need to buy some bathing suits asap. this summer i learn to solemn (slolemn? one ski anyway) ski.

whoa in real life there was a huge distraction there. facebook makes things too easy. hah. dave this summer your going to come up to my cottage even more then me. get your 60 suntan lotion stocked up. kidding you can only go when i go. kidding, not kidding kidding. and holy oatmeal rant. i'm going to call you steel cut oats. steel for short.

i have my itunes on for once in a blue moon. i usually listen to the itunes thats on the other computer because its hooked up to the speakers but today is a new day so back to mac. i haven't really changed my choice in music in a long time, and that is not cutting it for me. i am fully open to new music suggestions.

blog binge!

bakery inspiration



Thursday, April 7, 2011


so breakfast. are you any good at eating it? I would say I'm not. mostly because of time but also because i don't really get hungry until about 11am. on the weekends i like to cook eggs and bacon and sit down to a proper meal but if I had to choose a hot breakfast over 15 minutes more of sleep, i will always choose sleep. but i always find that if i can't have something to eat at 11, i am absolutely ready to eat gorge on ANYTHING by the time 1 rolls around. not a good strategy really.

this post on apartment therapy the kitchn is to make steel cut oats once a week and then reheat them through-out the week. seems like a pretty good idea. you can add your own fruit, cinnamon, brown sugar, nuts, anything you want!
i don't own a microwave in the apartment but i could use this when I go to work and even just bring everything on monday morning and enjoy a hot breakfast for the rest of the week.

seems pretty easy actually.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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