Sunday, June 28, 2009


too much to do, too little time. 
so much done, so much more to do. 

right now. today. tomorrow. its here. 
every year i always think how i never fully enjoy summer, embrace it everyday and let it sink into me. it makes it harder when i work anywhere from 8 to 13 hour days six days a week, running around the whole time, head on my shoulders smile on my face. to be honest i enjoy it, its one of the few places where i get paid to stay in constant motion and the ability to roll with the punches is rewarded with money. and really, im serving people who are on vacation, drinking beers and relaxing on the patio its not like i'm stuck in a cubicle wearing collared shirts and writing progress reports. i had enough of that last year. its tough, for sure, but at the end of the day with a stack of twenties in my pocket i feel good, i feel like it was all worth it. 

i got this from chez larsson and i feel like it is helping me feel thankful for what i have and figure out how im going to spend the rest of the day.


Outside my window... the humidity has broken and even though it means a rainy day i am welcoming it. 

I am thinking... about how much homework i really need to get done. like yesterday. 

I am thankful for... the choices that we made that are finally starting to take shape. 

From the kitchen... a delicious tomato cucumber and taziki sandwich with lettuce from the garden. 

I am wearing...bluh..pjs that i spilled the above sandwich on. 

I am creating... a website! really. actually. 

I am going... to bake some cookies, or maybe muffins or something now that this heat is gone. 

I'm reading... "Tara Road" by Maive Binchy

I am hoping... that the president does well at his physical testing today in the city for the OPP. 

I am hearing... the rain pitter patter on the deck outside. so soothing. 

Around the house...there are many bodies and friendly faces. bringing me coffee and making lunch. 

One of my favorite things... to have a hugely productive day that makes me feel accomplished and not so guilty about all the other days. 

A few plans for the rest of the week... work work and work. next week i have thursday friday off and the president and i might try and make it up to my cottage for the first time this summer. 

A picture to share...

enjoy the day! xox

Thursday, June 18, 2009

aka the paper lady

i have a thing for white porcelain. clean, pure, so full of potential. my nana is a lovely painter, she is so talented and full of inspiration. i used to paint a lot more -when i was younger we would sit together at the cottage painting all afternoon on rainy days. she would love to see me paint more and i would love to do it but even though we share the desire to express ourselves through the same process we do not share the same vision of beauty. my nana loves pastels, flowers, cherubs and portraits whereas i prefer clean lines, geometrical, symmetrical, and bold colours. i am hoping to buy some white china to paint soon though and possibly open up my own etsy shop or online store. i want to paint big tea mugs, square plates, modern serving platters and if it falls under the category of dust collector then it better be adorable. much like these cute little guys. 

all the plain white adorable porcelain is from kg+ab etsy's shop

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

amongst these midnight souls

i've been spending a lot of time on my computer lately. i have a lot of projects to complete and they lay around me in various stages of done-ness. 

im happy to have things to do with deadlines and reasons to push myself to learn and try new things. i've been learning how to make my own website and i am beyond happy about that. its really something i enjoy doing and combines a lot of the interests i have. and well, if i can make the internet a little bit more beautiful then i would feel very satisfied with myself. 

i also made my first flash video yesterday. didn't really expect it to be as fun as it was but seeing your own little movie play around on the screen was super cool for me. i'm nowhere near grasping the program but i'm liking where its going so far. 

here is the beginning of my website!

a couple colour combinations that have just been twirling around in my head and i had to get them out. 


i've been feeling as though i am more influenced by colour and the combinations they can make then i realize. its makes me beyond happy to see balanced beautiful shades together, complementing each other. 

i can feel the perfect shade of blue, smell the fresh scent of yellow and snuggle into the rich dark shades of purple. i can't explain it, but if you don't think i'm crazy for it i know you can feel it too. 

so for anyone else who gets it, click on over to designers guild for some much needed computer colour therapy. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

step right up!

if you guess how many pennies i will grant you one wish! (within my super powers of course)*

*wish must not include anything nekked and i will decide if your wish is worthy of granting. my contest my rules.

chocolate cherry cheesecake

the president picked this little guy up for me in a rummage sale last week. its so cute and i'm glad that he could see the potential in it. a little TLC and she will be perfect for storing makeup, hair stuff, odds and ends and maybe one day will end up in my home office. once i get one of course.  
my plan is to use some leftover paint i have from my last apartment and give it a little face-lift. i've already cleaned and sanded the base. i was going to change all of the knobs but after looking at them closer i have kinda fallen for them. some are smaller then others and i like how detailed they are. (hard to see in my blurry pics but they have little bands etched into them). so i've decided to keep most of them but buy just a few more expensive knobs. when you consider the little guy cost hardly anything and the paint is leftover i don't feel so bad spending a bit of money to make it perfect. 
so off to where i know i have drooled over the knobs before and wasn't disappointed.  the only problem is choosing which ones. i'm thinking three would be nice. 

but then i get to the check out and LOOKY here 20 dollhairs for shipping!! ummm....well thats just not in the budget mon amie.  
i happen to know that anthropologie just opened its very first canadian store in toronto and was already dying to go and check it out well this seems like a very good excuse to go ahead and do just that. my ttc ticket will hardly compare to $20 for shipping. unless, well, once i get there, i may fall in love with more then just knobs. its been known to happen. 
oh! and one of my new favorite blogs oh, hello friend is having a contest right now for a bunch of amazing things donated by etsy shops. click on over to enter! (and be prepared to spend the next hour inspiring yourself)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the most beautiful bike in bobcaygeon

new bike new paint new life

after i took this i came about one centimeter away from running koda over and then she was very sketched out about the bike after that. 
re-did the blue on the wheels, at first i had gold and yellow spray paint but once the yellow was on and i saw it with the blue wheels i really liked how that looked so i decided to go with that colour combo. 
the flowers are a whimsical touch and are only on there to cover up the mess of metal that the president and i cooked up to attach the basket to the handlebars. i may try and upgrade to a wicker basket if i can find a cheapy on ebay. we don't buy anything in stores anymore, currently three different things are being shipped to us from ebay and we are winning two auctions. addicted = yes. 

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