Tuesday, June 9, 2009

amongst these midnight souls

i've been spending a lot of time on my computer lately. i have a lot of projects to complete and they lay around me in various stages of done-ness. 

im happy to have things to do with deadlines and reasons to push myself to learn and try new things. i've been learning how to make my own website and i am beyond happy about that. its really something i enjoy doing and combines a lot of the interests i have. and well, if i can make the internet a little bit more beautiful then i would feel very satisfied with myself. 

i also made my first flash video yesterday. didn't really expect it to be as fun as it was but seeing your own little movie play around on the screen was super cool for me. i'm nowhere near grasping the program but i'm liking where its going so far. 

here is the beginning of my website!

a couple colour combinations that have just been twirling around in my head and i had to get them out. 


carly. said...

i love the first colour combo! and the website looks super cute!! good for you. i wish i could do stuff like that!!

carly. said...

ps: the word i just had to write in was 'unepic' haha...but i think your website so far IS epic...just so you know!

ahahaha and this word was 'garbe' but your website is NOT garbage either....oh no! these are not good words.

Zoeyjane said...

I knew you'd love it.

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