Tuesday, June 2, 2009

basket in the front, party in the back


i just bought the most beautiful bike for 20 bones from the sweetest old lady this morning. i was away in toronto yesterday and the president was walking home from work and saw it parked in all its glory on the front lawn of this lady's house. he considered not telling me and just buying it as a surprise because (as expected) as soon as he told me about it i flipped right out and wanted to go see it immediately and know every.single.detail about it. <3

so this morning i wake up to the sun shining in on my face and the prospect of a new bike singing a song in my head. a glorious feeling if you've never had the pleasure. 

a bacon, tomato, broccoli, cheese omelet later and we were off to find my new little friend. 

but. we drive by the house. no bike. 





we keep driving. past the house. maybe they have another one? 

we circle the block. i try not to hold my breath. 

you had a bike out here the other day for sale? the lady pauses, smiles. my heart swells. 

oh yes she says. i didn't put it out today, its in the garage. SUCCESS. 

its wheeled out from behind a tractor, i test it out knowing full well i'm already going home with it. 

she tells me this heartbreaking story about how she never learned how to ride a bike and how she was never a very good swimmer. something about her balance. i want to hug this lady. 

oh and the best part it yet to come, the president spent the whole day tuning him (yeah its a boys bike, i'm over it) up and giving him a new paint job. 

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carly. said...

awww that's lovely! i wish i had a spot for a cute bike like that...i'm obsessed with all of these old timey bikes, they are so adorable.

now all you need is a wicker basket. oh and some of those shiny spokes for the wheels! maybe some ribbon the handles? am i getting carried away...haha, i long for my own one day! & $20! what a deal!!

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