Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the most beautiful bike in bobcaygeon

new bike new paint new life

after i took this i came about one centimeter away from running koda over and then she was very sketched out about the bike after that. 
re-did the blue on the wheels, at first i had gold and yellow spray paint but once the yellow was on and i saw it with the blue wheels i really liked how that looked so i decided to go with that colour combo. 
the flowers are a whimsical touch and are only on there to cover up the mess of metal that the president and i cooked up to attach the basket to the handlebars. i may try and upgrade to a wicker basket if i can find a cheapy on ebay. we don't buy anything in stores anymore, currently three different things are being shipped to us from ebay and we are winning two auctions. addicted = yes. 

1 comment:

carly. said...

yay fun!!

ps: who likes buying in stores now? a) you sometimes forget about your purchase and then surprise! it's at your door and b) everyone loooves getting things in the mail!


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