Wednesday, June 3, 2009


so last night we sort of adopted a little doggy who we are pretty sure her name is Koda. she was running around and seemed pretty happy to see us, hungry, thirsty, usual dog things. a few months ago we found her running around the back field with a collar and leash attached to it. called the number on her tags and got a lady in BC who was pretty useless. anyway, she was found by her owner and we were sad that she was gone. 
so last night i was out testing my bike and look who comes panting down the road but this little cutie! she seemed like she remembered us and was grateful for some water. we didn't have any way to tie her up and figured her owner would be on his way to come and get her so we fed her some bacon, triscuits and she ate some of my broccoli as well.  then we let her out because it was getting late and we thought maybe she would find her way home. i guess that didn't happen because this morning when i was out weeding my garden she comes crashing into me, sooooo excited to see me. 
update: we kept her most of the day today and her owner just came and picked her up. he was getting kind of choked up about seeing her again and said that this is the longest she has ever been gone. we got his address in case she ever escapes again (will happen, this dog is sneaky) and told him if he ever wants a foster family for her to give us a call. 

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