Thursday, June 18, 2009

aka the paper lady

i have a thing for white porcelain. clean, pure, so full of potential. my nana is a lovely painter, she is so talented and full of inspiration. i used to paint a lot more -when i was younger we would sit together at the cottage painting all afternoon on rainy days. she would love to see me paint more and i would love to do it but even though we share the desire to express ourselves through the same process we do not share the same vision of beauty. my nana loves pastels, flowers, cherubs and portraits whereas i prefer clean lines, geometrical, symmetrical, and bold colours. i am hoping to buy some white china to paint soon though and possibly open up my own etsy shop or online store. i want to paint big tea mugs, square plates, modern serving platters and if it falls under the category of dust collector then it better be adorable. much like these cute little guys. 

all the plain white adorable porcelain is from kg+ab etsy's shop


carly. said...

erin, we should totally do this together! i have wanted to open an etsy or online shop for forever now! i think we should team up and that way we have more stuff...whaddya say?

ps: i posed nude for a photo for your nana for her painting...i was like 3, lol

red food colouring said...

that sounds awesome! i would love to do that for sure! i don't really have anything yet to sell but this will motivate me to get that all together soon. promiseeeeee

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