Thursday, October 29, 2009



237. is the number of unread blog posts on my google reader.

i have a love hate relationship with google reader. it gives me so much. yet. i always feel inadequate to it. when, google reader, do you think i could find the time to read all of these posts? no this is a real question. i really need to know the answer.

i think i will try and go china painting this weekend. but. i may also just sleep and not get around to it. but (double but equals positive equals maybe this will actually happen?) i do want to go. my nana is cute she loves when we paint together. tomorrow is friday, i should call her.

last night i made a new friend. i named him/her black cat. i don't know how to tell if black cat is boy or girl. i don't know that much about cats (clearly) and they've never been that into me. but black cat is different and loves me. i went outside for a run (gasp) and when i was cooling off outside after it just came up the chair and wanted to be petted and then jumped right into my lap and nuzzled and purred. black cat has stolen my heart.

i was thinking of getting a fish named Norman but i think that might compromise my friendship with black cat.

ps. tomorrow is friday. (!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the lovliest lover

gooooooood afternoon dears .

first of all, that picture! all of my favorite things- chocolate, wood, strawberries, white china, melting yummmmmmm.

sorry i have been so distant on here lately. actually well, i don't really feel THAT bad because over here in real life i got a job that i love, and am loving doing it! how often do people say that? seriously, i feel very lucky. i am growing as a person, as a business women and as an independent. i have forced myself to become more focused, more concentrated, more productive. i never thought i could work from home and stay focused for 8 or 9 hours straight but i really can and it isn't even that painful. well actually its not even a little painful as i just spent the day wearing my pj pants while writing out emails and designing things.

the perks are plentiful, warm lunches, snuggle breaks, watching episodes of the office on my 'lunch', setting my own hours, not being tempted to shop on my lunch break, no florescent lights. the list goes on and on.

oh! and before i forget, head on over to my dearest cousin carly's blog for a chance to win a surprise giveaway!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

i figured it out!!!!

yes yes yessssss!

a while ago i was having issues with the blog button i made right over there ----> trying to make the html stay as html so that any of you darling readers could add the button to your sidebars!


so check it out over there, just chillin. all CODE like in the sidebar.

just copy and paste whats in that little box into your html/javascript box in blogger and poof you have a cute little button for your blog that is super cute and also links back to this ole blog.

if your interested in having something like this for your blog to generate more traffic from other sites, let me know. we can do an exchange of some kind. i looooove getting things in the mail.

phewf, i try not to let things bother me but this one was just nagging on me because i was 100% sure i could do it, i just didn't know how.

Monday, October 19, 2009

design dreams

lately i have been very inspired by using white as a main colour in a room. i love the clean look with pops of colour sporatically placed around the room. i think its a great way to focus attention on artwork, pillows and generally things you want to look at.
i love the combinations of white, olive green with a hint of yellow of tons of wood grains. just the perfect combination. completely mellow yet cohesive and mature.

also i'm in love with the look of round mirrors. especially ones with antique frames and tons of character. and actually i really like them in modern settings as well so maybe i'm just in love with them overall. now i just need a new apartment to style!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

so first of all here are the pictures again from the last post, i guess they weren't showing up properly. i uploaded them a different way to try and make them bigger but i guess my plan didn't work out. anyway, here are the bags i made last week!
and this is a little project I've been thinking up in my head for some time. i needed a place to store receipts, i'm constantly finding them all over the apartment, stuffed in the bottom of my purse, etc etc. so i thought if i could make something cute enough to keep out on the counter i might be motivated to corral all the receipts towards it. the base of this folder type thing was something instruction manuals were tucked inside when we bough our last computer.
the base of the coverings is the inside of envelopes. have you ever noticed they have the best geometric designs in them? i just love them. thats another thing i'll have to make a folder for, all the envelopes i'm saving now haha. i just used to random stuff i had lying around to decorate the folder and then used my red thread on the sewing machine to stitch it all down. i'm happy with how it turned out.the next step is making dividers that go inside and further help to keep my life clutter free. now that i work from home i have to save my receipts from so many things for my taxes next year (i just found this out, kind of overwhelming. not sure what i can claim, what i can't, for how much blah blah blah) if anyone knows any more about this, in canada of course, i would loooove to hear from you.

the dividers will have the following categories and i think it will work out just perfectly.
-clothing and gifts (personal)

have a wonderfully productive monday!

this little piggy went to market

yesterday was a lovely day. we started out the day by going to the st.lawrence market. its a huge market near the lake in toronto that is in an old warehouse type building. the market is open every day but saturday is really the day to go if you want to see the whole place come alive. vendors from local (ish, this is downtown remember, i haven't seem any fields of brussel sprouts lately) farms bring in their produce and fill up another whole building accross from the market. we bought so many yummy things, i can't wait to eat them all. and at a really great price too.

we bought
four ontario mix peppers 1.50
green beans 2.00
brussel sprouts 1.00
shallots 2.00
two asparagus bunches 1.00 each
bottle of white ontario wine 13.00
two pounds of mussels 5.50
four pork souvlaki 4.00
french bread 1.99
four bagels 2.00

is that it? i think so. yum.

when we got home from the market we showered up and the president made the most delicious meal of mussels with asparagus and fresh bread. the smell of butter, garlic and white wine simmering on the stove is heavenly.

so i told you that i've been feeling crafty so here are a few pictures of what i have been up to lately.

here are two bags that i made using old skirts i bought that i bought at the thrift store. i think they would be perfect for using as a travel bag for makeup or personal items.

the first one is a really wonderful grey wool material with white silk lining. the red stiching on the whole purse pops with the doily closure. the purple vintage button on the front is from an old sweater.

the second bag is perfect for stoing computer items or a sewing bag. its big enough for some books or a lunch bag.

the yellow and white linen is the perfect match for the grey wool front. blue cotton lining really offsets the red and white buttons on the front. i'm excited to add these to the 'coming soon' etsy shop my cousin and i are opening!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

saturday! today is saturday, already?! this week has gone so fast, but fast in a great way.

first order of greatness, i got a job! and not just any job, a great job. but seriously, my title is lead specialist, marketing and social media. doesn't that just sound so professional? its a work from home situation which is nice, and occasionally i will travel to my boss's home office if we need to do work together. its a small business, but i know this means more opportunity for me to take ownership and really get into the deep end.

i had my interview for the job on tuesday and signed all the paper work thursday and worked all day that day and friday as well. which isn't really that much but it sure made the week fly by.

in the next two days i have 'off' i have a ton of stuff i want to complete. i've been feeling super crafty lately and made some bags out of skirts i bought at the thrift store. (50% off with student ID perrrrrfect) i've been putting this sewing machine i begged the president to bring to the city for me to good use.

also i bought this great book off amazon..duh duh duhhhhhh... the listography 2010 calendar! i can't wait for it to come. a calendar combined with lists, lists and more lists? my oh my! 2010 will be the most organized year yet.

this weekend i want to

-buy eggs and make french toast
-go to the st. lawrence market
-clean the bathroom
-make some more bags
-go to my nanas and paint!
-design my new business card for work and get it sent to the printers
-spend some time with the president, maybe even watch a sports game together <3

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

lonny magazine

as a category, shelter magazines were hit several months before the economic downturn affected the rest of the industry. now, even with advertising dollars yet harder to come by, one former Domino editor is ignoring the naysayers and reentering the space with an online-only magazine. Lonny magazine is available here and is an interesting magazine, all wrapped up in great layouts and pops of colour. (especially for the can't be beat price of free and the fact that you can view the magazine from that spot you already warmed up on the couch, right beside the cookies on the table -or not hehe).
the format lets readers “flip through pages,” much like a print magazine, and readers will be able to shop directly from the pages by clicking on items. see something you like? click right on it to be directed to where to purchase the item. GREAT for xmas shopping.
features include home decorating, fashion, shopping, and entertaining tips. Not included are any articles on health, fitness, or cooking. i'm looking forward to seeing more issues from this magazine that clearly has its heart in the right place. "We literally have had everything from the photo equipment to the writing donated by people who believe in what we’re trying to achieve. Our hope is that the magazine will grow and that we’ll be able to employ these people for future issues.”

thanksgiving weekend

what a beautiful weekend it was. (well saturday was gorgeous but i must say sunday was a touch on the chilly side). we drove home late friday night and woke up in bobcaygeon to a sunny warm fall day. the president cooked breakfast for everyone and we all found our way outside to enjoy the day. i took my bike out for a little ride, so sad that it will probably be the last time i ride it this year, but it just means something great to look forward to in the spring.
that night we had the presidents whole family over, including some family we have seen in such a long time. everyone was on their best behavior and it was pleasant. i reaffirmed my belief that i am horrible at video games -fighting games are a lot harder since my mortal kombat button mashing victories.

sunday morning we said our good byes to one family and drove to the next group that promised to feed us turkey dinner. the boys were not on the weather mans good side and had to take the boat lifts and docks out of the water on the coldest, windiest day i think we've had yet. the wind was so cold that your eyes teared just looking out over the lake and even though the beer stayed cold i don't think it was much appreciated. they got it done though and after lunch everyone at the cottage enjoyed a long, warm nap.
waking up with empty bellies we made our way down to my uncle and aunts cottage, who were hosting our thanksgiving dinner. they set a beautiful table and hosted 13 of us for dinner and 15 for homemade pumpkin and apple pie dessert. it was delicious and after having seconds i felt like i was going to burst!
overall it was a great weekend, spending quality time with family and friends who might as well be family. monday morning my mom made french toast with baileys in it, i will HAVE to get the recipe for. it was delicious. i have a renewed craving for apple cider with cinnamon and orange slices. and long walks on red leaves.
happy fall. xoxo

Friday, October 9, 2009

i wannnnnt....

Industrial poster via uppercase magazine

we are showered and packed up ready to go home for thanksgiving. i just finished packing up the cheese cakes, they look divine. heavenly almost. yumm.
i like night roads trips for a few reason
-less traffic
-it always feels warm and welcome when you get home, people are always there to greet you
-you get to wake up in your own bed and feel like you haven't missed a moment being away

have a wonderful thanksgiving canadians!
(i'm not taking my computer home so i imagine this little nook of the internet will be a little uninteresting for a few days but feel free to check out my newly updated 'blogs that are better' list!)


rae dunn on a rainy day

so surprise but i came across another etsy shop full of amazing handmade clay designs. rae dunn's quirky and simple approach to her craft is refreshing and i'm in love love with the wishbone and dog tag. i enjoy that she uses so many textures and different techniques.

see her etsy shope here.
and her blog here.

i'm waiting for the carmel apple cheesecakes cool to finish 'carmelizing' them. yumm they look amazing. picture book recipe to come, your going to want to make it. really.
also..i've been enjoying listening to elsie's autumn playlist (from a beautiful mess) all morning and i highly recommend it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

pretty bird

hello lovelies.

i'm on my computer a lot. like a lot A LOT. so in order to keep things fresh i will often change my background two or three times a week. i would say this week has had some above average winners so i thought i would share.

monday saw this lovely design (from source unknown...a random picture i had saved to my inspiration folder)

then i found this inspirational list featured on Creature Comforts (wonderful wonderful blog) from push me pull you designs. click on the link to see many many different illustrations perfectly suited for backgrounds.

i chose this little guy..

and he lasted until mere moments ago when i saw this free download from here to get your own! calendar plus birds plus grid paper oh my!

i'm taking in a few episodes of house and then off to bed early. i have an interview in the morning, looking forward to it! after that i am looking forward to coming home and whipping up a double batch of caramel apple cheesecake for thanksgiving gatherings.


wasted away my morning in a lamebook votex. here are the highlights haha.

the best part about this one was in the comments ..."I saw someone ask if the Mexican blend at Starbucks could be contaminated with Swine Flu. No lie."

have a wonderful thursday everyone. i worked last night at a pub doing a shadow shift and it seems like a great place. they even bought dinner and drinks for the president and i after, which to me is crazy. at my last serving job i think i got one free drink and meal after i broke the all time highest sales record in a shift. some gratitude eh? anyway...nice to work for a real restaurant that actually cares about employee moral.

i'm still applying to 'real' jobs and have an interview tomorrow morning. i hope it goes well, the job is for a social networker for a company that helps brands with their identity. i would be responsible for their blogs, twitter, facebook -the whole deal. i think it would be really enjoyable. considering i do this blogging thing in my spare time and enjoy it, whats not to love about doing it as a job?

after that we are heading up north to visit our families and sedate ourselves with turkey, wine and running in crunchy leaves.

Monday, October 5, 2009

bet the hand that your moneys on

i'm in the market for a new business card. my old one has my old phone number on it so no matter what i need to print out new ones, and big surprise, i am tired of my old one and want something different.

here are some awesome business card ideas all from this website.

my last business card is at the bottom of the list. i will keep you in suspense, but give you this clue, you could eat it!

i'm thinking my next card will be a little more simple (these cards were printed on acetate and then folded three times, cut out, and then double sided taped back together. each one took forever! then i just filled loose leaf tea bags with sprout seeds and folded them inside the acetate cover with my information on them) i would like to incorporate stiching on my new card and use natural looking, pulpy paper. i'm thinking of even making my own rubber stamp since my 'logo' is the same image twice just flipped (ea). ohhh the possibilities!
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