Thursday, October 8, 2009


wasted away my morning in a lamebook votex. here are the highlights haha.

the best part about this one was in the comments ..."I saw someone ask if the Mexican blend at Starbucks could be contaminated with Swine Flu. No lie."

have a wonderful thursday everyone. i worked last night at a pub doing a shadow shift and it seems like a great place. they even bought dinner and drinks for the president and i after, which to me is crazy. at my last serving job i think i got one free drink and meal after i broke the all time highest sales record in a shift. some gratitude eh? anyway...nice to work for a real restaurant that actually cares about employee moral.

i'm still applying to 'real' jobs and have an interview tomorrow morning. i hope it goes well, the job is for a social networker for a company that helps brands with their identity. i would be responsible for their blogs, twitter, facebook -the whole deal. i think it would be really enjoyable. considering i do this blogging thing in my spare time and enjoy it, whats not to love about doing it as a job?

after that we are heading up north to visit our families and sedate ourselves with turkey, wine and running in crunchy leaves.


carly. said...

ahahaha omg i've never even heard about that lamebook site, haha i fear a new addiction coming on, they are hilarious! people can be SO dumb. wow.

Anonymous said...

good luck on ur interview. blogging for a can be done.

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