Sunday, October 18, 2009

so first of all here are the pictures again from the last post, i guess they weren't showing up properly. i uploaded them a different way to try and make them bigger but i guess my plan didn't work out. anyway, here are the bags i made last week!
and this is a little project I've been thinking up in my head for some time. i needed a place to store receipts, i'm constantly finding them all over the apartment, stuffed in the bottom of my purse, etc etc. so i thought if i could make something cute enough to keep out on the counter i might be motivated to corral all the receipts towards it. the base of this folder type thing was something instruction manuals were tucked inside when we bough our last computer.
the base of the coverings is the inside of envelopes. have you ever noticed they have the best geometric designs in them? i just love them. thats another thing i'll have to make a folder for, all the envelopes i'm saving now haha. i just used to random stuff i had lying around to decorate the folder and then used my red thread on the sewing machine to stitch it all down. i'm happy with how it turned out.the next step is making dividers that go inside and further help to keep my life clutter free. now that i work from home i have to save my receipts from so many things for my taxes next year (i just found this out, kind of overwhelming. not sure what i can claim, what i can't, for how much blah blah blah) if anyone knows any more about this, in canada of course, i would loooove to hear from you.

the dividers will have the following categories and i think it will work out just perfectly.
-clothing and gifts (personal)

have a wonderfully productive monday!


carly. said...

oh no!! the first photo showed up...and it looks really really cuuuute. love the doilies!! but the other photos didn't :(

Anonymous said...

Great bags in the first photos...can't see the second photo at all :(
I just discovered your blog and am enjoying your posts...Hope you don't mind if I follow you :)

carly. said...

um wow!! those bags are wonderful!! i am in love with the second one. make lots more! i think they will be great sellers.

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