Friday, October 9, 2009

i wannnnnt....

Industrial poster via uppercase magazine

we are showered and packed up ready to go home for thanksgiving. i just finished packing up the cheese cakes, they look divine. heavenly almost. yumm.
i like night roads trips for a few reason
-less traffic
-it always feels warm and welcome when you get home, people are always there to greet you
-you get to wake up in your own bed and feel like you haven't missed a moment being away

have a wonderful thanksgiving canadians!
(i'm not taking my computer home so i imagine this little nook of the internet will be a little uninteresting for a few days but feel free to check out my newly updated 'blogs that are better' list!)



Anonymous said...

I recently found Uppercase Magazine, and I absolutely love it! I want so badly to subscribe, but I'm too low on funds (at least right now), boo!

Sarah said...

Oh I love that! I'm a typography freak haha

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