Thursday, October 29, 2009



237. is the number of unread blog posts on my google reader.

i have a love hate relationship with google reader. it gives me so much. yet. i always feel inadequate to it. when, google reader, do you think i could find the time to read all of these posts? no this is a real question. i really need to know the answer.

i think i will try and go china painting this weekend. but. i may also just sleep and not get around to it. but (double but equals positive equals maybe this will actually happen?) i do want to go. my nana is cute she loves when we paint together. tomorrow is friday, i should call her.

last night i made a new friend. i named him/her black cat. i don't know how to tell if black cat is boy or girl. i don't know that much about cats (clearly) and they've never been that into me. but black cat is different and loves me. i went outside for a run (gasp) and when i was cooling off outside after it just came up the chair and wanted to be petted and then jumped right into my lap and nuzzled and purred. black cat has stolen my heart.

i was thinking of getting a fish named Norman but i think that might compromise my friendship with black cat.

ps. tomorrow is friday. (!)

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