Sunday, November 1, 2009

honey boys

good morning. how was your halloween?

this was the first year i didn't get a costume together for halloween. i didn't have plans made for the night or a party i was going to. it wasn't premeditated, it just never came together. but don't start feeling sorry for me now. i had the best halloween all cozy at home with a full belly of delicious food and our own mix of scares.

in the morning we woke up and walked over to the st.lawrence market for some veggies and meat. i just adore that place really. usually by the time we get there at 1-2pm the vendors are starting to pack their things up so it is a great time to score some deals. (and we all know how much i looooooove deals hehe) this week we bought..
-mix peppers
-green beans
-mix greans salad
-red potatoes
-sliced mild Genoa salami
-sliced honey maple ham
-6 honey boys (little honey cookies that are so cute and delicious)

its such a fun experience, checking over the produce, deciding what to eat for the week, seeing who has the best prices. i'd like to think that the farmers grow everything they are selling on their own land with their own hands..i mean..with their tractors.

on the way home we decided that poutine was in order and got some from smokes poutine. so amazing. we just got the traditional poutine and were not disappointed. the gravy is what they got right, not to salty, not to dark, not to bland. just perfect.

after inhailing that we watched some house (still addicted) and cleaned the apartment. i vacuumed and the president did alllllll of the dishes. no small feat. i love when we can get everything cleaned up for the new week and start fresh on monday. its especially important since i work from home and a messy living room means a messy office come monday, means something to distract me while i should be working.

i will leave the feast that we prepared for the next post as it really does deserve it. it was amazing. i'd never had lamb before and it was super flavourful and tender. oh man i am salivating just thinking about it.

after letting that settle in our stomachs i started to crave something sweet and well, ITS HALLOWEEN so i felt justified in heading out in search of something chocolate and creamy. walking around looking at peoples costumes sort of justified either putting a lot of work into a costume or none because i really don't think just a hat or a wig is really a costume. there were a group of six guys who had really put a lot of work into their robot costumes though, spray painting their boxes silver, wearing tubes on their arms and legs, they even had lights attached to them. seeing them regained some magic of the night in me. anyway, i decided on a hot chocolate from starbucks and once my people watching quota was filled we came back to the apartment and watched the scary movie the president downloaded. the strangers. SOOOOO scary. have you seen it? i screamed a couple times and once the movie was over i had to turn on all the lights and check the apartment for people wearing masks.

it wasn't the traditional way to spend halloween but i really needed a night in and i'm glad the night happened the way it did.



Anonymous said...

My Halloween was great! Well....aside from work all day. Allow me to rephrase: My Halloween night was great. :]

I did go out, but sometimes you just gotta stay in and stay cozy. I feel you on that one.

Anonymous said...

We had a great Halloween here, thanks for asking! I threw together a last minute costume for myself, and we ended up having a bit of an impromptu get was nice! x

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