Saturday, November 7, 2009

66 spadina

i have this amazing (non-applicable) ability to hunt for apartments and find the BEST ones. really. its not a very useful day to day skill but damn if it was i would be so good at it. stupid one year leases, you really cramping my style.
tomorrow we are going to look at four (edit: five! see i really am this good) amazing places in the span of three hours. and we will gradually make our way from one end of the city to the other and god people should pay me to do this. this is a marketable skill. yes no maybe?

in other news, today i graduated. yep me. all finished school. i had a conversation with my friend if they purposely make the graduation like three months after you actually finish school so that students don't go through identity crises once they 'finish' school. graduation offers a lot of closure, you are finished with the school and the school is finished with you. but as okay as i am with that thought i am sure a lot of students are not ready to be spit out into the real world where no one gives a crap if your reaching your full potential or could achieve more. its a double edge sword. double edge diploma.
in a non related field i feel like i am getting flabbier. not fat really just easier to grab a hold of. easier to get me by the handfulls. eww i sound like an advertisement for milk duds. anyway, i have eyes so don't try and console me.

tomorrow among other things i will walk to the post office and pick up a brand new battery for my computer! a new battery, a new life. a new portable way of working. right now my computer sits at 99% and when i pull the plug out it will go from 99% to 3% bright red flashing BATTERY IS LOW in less then five minutes. but you know what, it still works like a charm and i can't give it up so a new battery it is. the president has been trying to switch me to a new pc for cost reasons. but. well. i'm being stuborn. and i love my mac and i will wait 6 months longer if it means getting a new one instead of a pc and hours of hunting for files and confusion. bleck.

do you ever re-discover something you have had for ages? i re-discovered chai tea with milk and sugar. so simple, so amazing. i'm in love again.


Alicia said...

Congratulations on graduating!! and falling in love with chai again (so delicious) as well as your newly mobile laptop! Sounds like a pretty decent weekend so far.

carly. said...

congratulations on graduating! i'm sure it's a lovely feeling :)

ps: having something to hold onto isn't so bad. as long as you're enjoying your life, who cares! i have a whole big theory on this 'ideal body' and how we feel the need to be perfect but i've gotten over it.'ve always been SOOO could use a couple extra pounds :)

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