Monday, November 16, 2009

whip my head to the right

i'm pretty sure we found the apartment we are going to rent! yayyyyyyyyy! once we secure a place my stress level will drop 96%. secure home, secure job, secure boyfriend. i guess i'm growing up :)

im in a bit of a nesting faze right now and for some reason all i can think about is getting a puppy. i want a little cutie soooo bad. the president isn't home so he doesn't know it yet but i decided this is the puppy i want. so cute right? and just the perfect size. not to big, not to small, active, smart and kind. i hate mean nippy dogs. these beauties are called brittany spaniels and are so gentle looking. also some of them have blue eyes and i just adore dogs with blue eyes. i would definable wait for a litter with blue eyes.

this little guys name is tuna! i'm tripping over the cuteness.

full grown:
see, the president wants a dog he can take jogging, run around with at the park and is smart enough to learn commands. he hates little dog 'babies' and really if we wanted a baby.. well anyway we DONT want a baby we want a dog. i care more about cuteness, how gentle it is and that it doesn't bark all day. we live in the city and in an apartment (fingers crossed) so a big dog is out of the question. smaller dogs typically aren't as smart and don't have the stamina to go for long runs and be really active. we need a medium sized puppy that we can train to tell us when it needs to go outside and can keep up when we go biking or for long walks. i'm going to do more research but this breed seems like a super good fit for our lifestyle.

and if you haven't seen the 'literal version' series on youtube yet, i highly reccomend you devote an hour of your day to these videos because one you start watching them you won't want to stop. enjoy!


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carly. said...

dear god, that puppy is sooo cute. i love the chocolate brown one!! awww. mikey is PINING for a puppy...ever since his love brooke died last june (she was a golden retriever) he's wanted another...but! we can't get one yet, until we have a big space for it and a yard...bigger dogs definitely need a house, so we shall wait.

ps: my word to confirm i'm not a robot was pyrro haha

Alicia said...

So cute!!

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