Monday, November 23, 2009

bicept tricept liecept

dearest carly, i found this photo and thought immediately of you. Happy monday! (and ps I am redoing/changing the etsy banner, i want it to be simpler)

today was super exhausting. i worked really hard all morning, then ran a bunch of errands, had a meeting with my boss, and then went to the gym for my personal fitness assesment. YIKES. they really push you like crazy and test you on your 'weaknesses'. its rather unfortunate that in order to sell you personal training they make you feel like crap and the only way you will improve is to spend tons of money to get one-on-one training. it was pretty horrible, they make you do all the exercises in the middle of the weightlifting part of the gym (read: testoterone central) and give you weights that are struggle just to pick up let alone do squats with! blarg. so many other things wrong with my experience, but i have ten days to cancel my personal trainer contract* and i will be doing just that.

* i was hardly given a choice to sign it anyway, i don't know how many times i asked if i could have the night to think about it and was pretty much told that i was to sign the contract before i left and if i decided i didn't want it then i could cancel it then. backwards logic.


Anonymous said...

Pressure tactics are such a turn off...I always walk out when I feel pressured by any type of sales person. Sorry your experience wasn't a good one.

carly. said...

that is oh-so cute! i love it! and yes...i feel you on that personal trainer thing, i have never had one...nor will i. i know my weaknesses without having someone else point them out...blah! way to make you feel good...not!

ps: yes, i'm sure i will dig the matter what you do! this weekend i want to make a ton more notebooks as i got a big order in from moleskine!

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