Sunday, November 22, 2009

i had big dreams about this weekend. planned for limitless energy and productive hours. its not how it panned out but that doesn't surprise me at all, in retrospect.

but to focus on the positive i did actually get a lot done. i will have a HUGE update for the shop ready very very soon. i sewed my little heart out saturday. allllllll day.

we have amazing food in the fridge, and the apartment is relatively clean. i secured a freelance client and finished more then half of the work tonight. i stayed up until 4am last night (oops!) and cooked a delicious hangover breakfast for champions.

lately i've been really touched by kindness in strangers. i think we unknowingly expect the worst from people and really, we are better then that, as a species. there were 4 times the maximum people that should ever be allowed on a single street car crammed into one car the other night and instead of scowling and pretending to be enthralled in the seat in front of her a lady told me i could rest my huge heavy gym bag on her lap instead of hovering it in the air because there was actually no place to put it. we started talking about the weather, about friends who live in better climates, about friends in general. i was sad to see my stop come up. i like moments like this and it makes me feel like there are actual humans living in toronto with me.

three great things i learned about the internet this weekend:, tweetdeck, and



Sarah said...

that cartoon is hilarious.. sounds you got a lot done this weekend!

During Winter said...

Way to go! I love the feeling of being productive.

Sometimes it's hard to be touched by kindness in strangers, especially here in Miami. Society seems to each be in their own little individual world.

It is very nice to strike up a conversation with someone you don't know, it's like a surprise!

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