Wednesday, November 11, 2009

blarg, i've been inside work all day. not that i usually have the opportunity to work outside but traveling to meetings and to meet with clients usually gets me out of the house and into the sunshine.


these cupcake wrappers are chearing me up though. :) from here

i think its time to take a walk to the post office and run some errands for work. tonight the president is going to see robin williams at casino rama and i will use tonight to get some extra work done since i am going to be finishing early tomorrow to drive to Orillia with him for a very special top secret interview. we are going to stay in a hotel (yay!) and i think it will be great to get out of the city, if only for one night.

edit: 45 minutes later...still here...have more work to do....damn.

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ashley said...

i commenting, just because i give a shit.


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