Monday, April 30, 2012

Munchie party

Last weekend we threw an impromptu party in honour of munchies, good old fashion fun and great friends. 

To be very honest we put out the facebook invite about two days before the party and weren't sure even one of our friends would be able to make it. 

The final count was 13, which in our apartment is pretty cozy. 

meet your hosts:

side note:  peter is just the best. I could actually write a whole blog just on the amazing things he does for me.    

first important thing at a party. Drinks. 

I pinned this recipe for mint blueberry lemonade but switched it up for mixed berries and it was awesome. I just bought the frozen lemonade, chopped up mint and added frozen mixed berries, which added bonus - acted as mini ice cubes. 

I mixed mine with whiskey (obv) and after that ran out I mixed with white rum, but it would be good with vodka, gin or amaretto. 

(ps. there was way more at the start of the party haha)

almost everyone brought some kind of food and there was: 

-pumpernickle and spinach dip
-peanut butter rice crispy balls (under the clever disguise of
-dominos crazy bread and pizza
-chicken nuggets and spicy thai dip
-nacho dip

Peter made breaded chicken sliders with goat cheese and his own mayo blend. He coated the chicken in a mix of hot sauce and BBQ and they were awesome. 

He also made ammmmmmmmmazing ice cream sandwiches with real chocolate chip cookies, nutella, chunky peanut butter, vanilla icing, vanilla ice cream and ...wait for it...magic shell. These are pretty much the most amazing thing I've ever eaten. 

I also made this wicked stuff called 'crack' (actually so addictive) and I will be posting the recipe soon. 

we sort of left the food up to the person who brought it to decide when to serve it and it worked out well. we pretty much ate the whole night haha. 

played scattergories and there was a pretty intense game of life going on in the living room.

(told you the peanut butter rice crispy balls looked like meatballs haha)

played some MASHCO on the kitchen chalkboard. (FYI - mansion, apartment, shack, house, cottage, outhouse) 

Peters friend JP ended up with a cottage, no kids, married to Burt Reynolds with a sunfire. haha

some of my favorites :)

and any party isn't complete until I serve coffee and baileys the next morning. 

Friday, April 27, 2012


Want to hear a wicked band?

Even better want to come see them live on May 9th at Wrongbar?

WHAT WHAT! I just looked up tickets and it appears that their Toronto show is sold out.

Okay scratch that (maybe there is still tickets available on craigslist?)

but seriously, this band is amazing and a sold out show just proves it.

this is my all time favorite song of theirs:

and a kind of slower but amazing song:

and another goody: 

Any new music your really into lately? 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Its only right that you should play the way you feel it

I spend a lot of time thinking about my forever house.

it will have a big deck or patio and behind it will be an overgrown, green, moist, fresh smelling garden. mostly just green leafy plants with a few white flowering plants.

the counters will be well worn and I want a butcher block big enough to put all my dinner ingredients on.

It will be an older house. with creaks and chips and excuses.

and in return it will have high ceilings.

and sunlight streaming through the windows and a cat on the front walkway.

There will be many houses before it.

I want to put my heart and sweat into them. wash, sand, paint. make them smile.

and I will love each one more and more but I still only dream of the forever house.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

on working out....

Hey o!

I go to pilates at least once a week and have been for almost a year now (wow its crazy its been that long!!) and I honestly love it.

I feel like I never used to 'work out' because I DESPISE running. like hate it with a capitol H. its the worst.

and as silly as this is, I felt paralyzed by this. I felt like if I couldn't motivate myself to go running I shouldn't be spending money on classes or work out equipment. Like the least I could do was go running, its completely free and available any time, and if I wasn't doing that how could I expect myself to stick to a workout regime?

but then I just sort of threw that mentality out and dove head first into pilates. The studio I go to is amazing and when I first signed up I had an all access pass that let me go to any class, any time, as long as there was room in the class. It was amazing! and I certainly used it to the max, I think I was going to like 4 or 5 classes a week! That was a little excessive but going once or twice a week is a perfect amount for me.

waiting for so long seems silly now that I'm comfortable with my non-cardio loving self but it honestly prevented me from committing to exercise in the past.

I read the book, The Happiness Project, and one of the key things I took away from it is there are things you think you should like and things you ACTUALLY like.

you think you should like martini's, but you actually like whiskey and gingers

you think you should like riding rollar coasters but you actually like chilling in the wave pool.

you think you should like running but you actually like pilates.

anyway you get the idea, but it made me confident to just embrace what I actually like and and forget about all that cardio crap that I just can't get into.

you have to do what works for YOU. and feel happy that your doing anything! try out some classes, try swimming, try riding your bike.

sort of off topic but talking about my pilates class makes me think of this one woman who was in my class this week- I've never seen her before but because of the nature of the memberships there are a lot of drop ins and one-weekers.
Anyway...she literally had an ear to ear smile the ENTIRE class! Picture me, sweat dripping down my back, face flushed, grimacing to push myself further...I look over and she is just happy go lucky smiling!! I was half feeling like I wanted to punch her and half wanting to ask her what her secret was?!

I need some new work out outfits, does anyone have any suggestions besides lulu lemons?


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

triangle nails may already know this but I have a pretty serious obsession with anything that is a triangle. I don't have a story or reason why I like them, I just do! 

so when I came across these nails I was super in love. imagine how cute they would look holding up jewelry or a small grouping of picture frames with exposed strings..


available here :)

So kind of funny story but I told Peter I had to finish this post about bronze nails and I guess he assumed I was talking about nail polish. which wasn't my original intention but that made me think of a pretty wicked DIY that I saw on the beauty department for triangle nail stickers that I need to try out.

and if you haven't heard of the beauty department GO. RIGHT. NOW!

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm backkkkk


Long time no talk eh??

I know i know I knowwwwwwwww. but sometimes life happens and its awesome and I can't stop the fun town train just to blog. 

But! as you may have noticed, there are some new fun things going on around here, for starters, I have a new blog design! This has been on my TO DO list for pretty much FOREVER and well general lack of time and the proper technology and blah blah blah..its done now though!! 

and just because I haven't been blogging doesn't mean I haven't been obsessively taking photos. follow me on instagram @erynackerman  to get live updates but here are some of my favorites from the past few weeks. 

soooo one of these days I will get to posting the chalkboard wall that I painted in my kitchen. but in the meantime here is my most favorite illustration that has graced our walls. (and the lovely artist himself)

my aloe vera plant in my office is BUSTIN OUT

wild wing, white wine, and jurassic park date? HELLS YES


new bedroom shelves made out of wine crates

check back soon, I promise the drought is over! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Volkswagon Golf For Sale


Thanks for your interest in my car. Here are some pictures and information.

The car is a 2000 VW Golf. It has approx. 230,000 km on it. I bought it two years ago from a used dealership.

Runs well and has been a great car for me, I'm going back to school and want to sell it.

The trunk is deceiving and holds a TON. both back seats flip down to be flat with the trunk so it can fit quite bulky items. (just last weekend, I fit a full size BBQ in it and last summer I fit a 5 piece patio set in the back)

The car has power windows, mirrors and best of all power sunroof. Cd player and I have a cool little device so you can play an ipod that I will include.

Air conditioning and heat work great and my favourite feature - heated seats are perfect for winter mornings.

The car comes with two BRAND NEW all season tires and two tires that came with the car. I also have four winter tires that are one season old that I could negotiate into the sale if your interested. (all eight tires have their own rims)

I have all the paperwork to make the private sale already.

Please note I am selling this car as is. This means you will have to certify and e-test it in order to register it in your name. I was recently at my mechanic and he said this wouldn't be a problem, I just don't have the time to do it. The car was both certified and e-tested less then two years ago when I bought it.

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