Wednesday, April 18, 2012

on working out....

Hey o!

I go to pilates at least once a week and have been for almost a year now (wow its crazy its been that long!!) and I honestly love it.

I feel like I never used to 'work out' because I DESPISE running. like hate it with a capitol H. its the worst.

and as silly as this is, I felt paralyzed by this. I felt like if I couldn't motivate myself to go running I shouldn't be spending money on classes or work out equipment. Like the least I could do was go running, its completely free and available any time, and if I wasn't doing that how could I expect myself to stick to a workout regime?

but then I just sort of threw that mentality out and dove head first into pilates. The studio I go to is amazing and when I first signed up I had an all access pass that let me go to any class, any time, as long as there was room in the class. It was amazing! and I certainly used it to the max, I think I was going to like 4 or 5 classes a week! That was a little excessive but going once or twice a week is a perfect amount for me.

waiting for so long seems silly now that I'm comfortable with my non-cardio loving self but it honestly prevented me from committing to exercise in the past.

I read the book, The Happiness Project, and one of the key things I took away from it is there are things you think you should like and things you ACTUALLY like.

you think you should like martini's, but you actually like whiskey and gingers

you think you should like riding rollar coasters but you actually like chilling in the wave pool.

you think you should like running but you actually like pilates.

anyway you get the idea, but it made me confident to just embrace what I actually like and and forget about all that cardio crap that I just can't get into.

you have to do what works for YOU. and feel happy that your doing anything! try out some classes, try swimming, try riding your bike.

sort of off topic but talking about my pilates class makes me think of this one woman who was in my class this week- I've never seen her before but because of the nature of the memberships there are a lot of drop ins and one-weekers.
Anyway...she literally had an ear to ear smile the ENTIRE class! Picture me, sweat dripping down my back, face flushed, grimacing to push myself further...I look over and she is just happy go lucky smiling!! I was half feeling like I wanted to punch her and half wanting to ask her what her secret was?!

I need some new work out outfits, does anyone have any suggestions besides lulu lemons?



Tiny Stranger said...

A year already? WOW!

Funny enough I always hated running too, but now I do it almost daily, and I actually like it!? WTF right?

Anyways I saw the Happiness Project at Chapters the other day and almost bought it, would you recomment it?

Also I just read a book 'The 4 Agreements' and it touched on the "what you think you should like vs what you actually like" as well, I HIGHLY suggest reading it!

Hope your trip was great (wanna see pics!!!)


red food colouring said...

YEah its a great book! I have it though, so maybe you could borrow it sometime. but yes, I thought it was a great read.

I will look for The 4 Agreements, I'm sort of addicted to 'better yourself' type books.

The trip was GREAT... I will post some pictures soon promise.


miss teacups. said...

Oh I love that book. I think it's time to re-read it actually as it's a good one to read every 6 months to a year I find.

I need to find a workout groove for sure. I've been toying with the idea of joining a gym as I did enjoy that, I just hate the year committment (ack!) and then I'd love to join classes and such but it would have to be super local and the other thing is I don't have a set schedule either so that can be hard...but I need to do SOMETHING other than riding my bike when it gets nicer.

Thanks for the reminder!

mel said...

I need to find some kind of fitness stuff near my house. I got a gym membership that was near my work last summer and then got a new job 2 months later. I never go. It's like 45 mins away. ugh.
In the summer my apt building has an outdoor pool, and I love that. And they are planning to add a gym, so we'll see.
Where is your pilates class? Is it reasonably priced?
Also I like the workout gear at Gap (go when they have a 40% off day), or Joe Fresh is cute and cheap :)

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