Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Volkswagon Golf For Sale


Thanks for your interest in my car. Here are some pictures and information.

The car is a 2000 VW Golf. It has approx. 230,000 km on it. I bought it two years ago from a used dealership.

Runs well and has been a great car for me, I'm going back to school and want to sell it.

The trunk is deceiving and holds a TON. both back seats flip down to be flat with the trunk so it can fit quite bulky items. (just last weekend, I fit a full size BBQ in it and last summer I fit a 5 piece patio set in the back)

The car has power windows, mirrors and best of all power sunroof. Cd player and I have a cool little device so you can play an ipod that I will include.

Air conditioning and heat work great and my favourite feature - heated seats are perfect for winter mornings.

The car comes with two BRAND NEW all season tires and two tires that came with the car. I also have four winter tires that are one season old that I could negotiate into the sale if your interested. (all eight tires have their own rims)

I have all the paperwork to make the private sale already.

Please note I am selling this car as is. This means you will have to certify and e-test it in order to register it in your name. I was recently at my mechanic and he said this wouldn't be a problem, I just don't have the time to do it. The car was both certified and e-tested less then two years ago when I bought it.

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