Monday, April 30, 2012

Munchie party

Last weekend we threw an impromptu party in honour of munchies, good old fashion fun and great friends. 

To be very honest we put out the facebook invite about two days before the party and weren't sure even one of our friends would be able to make it. 

The final count was 13, which in our apartment is pretty cozy. 

meet your hosts:

side note:  peter is just the best. I could actually write a whole blog just on the amazing things he does for me.    

first important thing at a party. Drinks. 

I pinned this recipe for mint blueberry lemonade but switched it up for mixed berries and it was awesome. I just bought the frozen lemonade, chopped up mint and added frozen mixed berries, which added bonus - acted as mini ice cubes. 

I mixed mine with whiskey (obv) and after that ran out I mixed with white rum, but it would be good with vodka, gin or amaretto. 

(ps. there was way more at the start of the party haha)

almost everyone brought some kind of food and there was: 

-pumpernickle and spinach dip
-peanut butter rice crispy balls (under the clever disguise of
-dominos crazy bread and pizza
-chicken nuggets and spicy thai dip
-nacho dip

Peter made breaded chicken sliders with goat cheese and his own mayo blend. He coated the chicken in a mix of hot sauce and BBQ and they were awesome. 

He also made ammmmmmmmmazing ice cream sandwiches with real chocolate chip cookies, nutella, chunky peanut butter, vanilla icing, vanilla ice cream and ...wait for it...magic shell. These are pretty much the most amazing thing I've ever eaten. 

I also made this wicked stuff called 'crack' (actually so addictive) and I will be posting the recipe soon. 

we sort of left the food up to the person who brought it to decide when to serve it and it worked out well. we pretty much ate the whole night haha. 

played scattergories and there was a pretty intense game of life going on in the living room.

(told you the peanut butter rice crispy balls looked like meatballs haha)

played some MASHCO on the kitchen chalkboard. (FYI - mansion, apartment, shack, house, cottage, outhouse) 

Peters friend JP ended up with a cottage, no kids, married to Burt Reynolds with a sunfire. haha

some of my favorites :)

and any party isn't complete until I serve coffee and baileys the next morning. 


miss teacups. said...

This looks like so much fun!!! Love it.

mel said...

How fun!
And I can't wait to see what the crack recipe is..!
Lol Baileys and coffee.

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