Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Isn't this photo all kinds of dreamy and wonderful? I am actually quite in love with the idea of getting married in a cable knit sweater. okay maybe not, but maybe afterwards? and have a big bonfire?

I just love the colours and feeling of this photos. its no secret I'm in love with mountains, and water. add in boats and big wooden stumps? done and done.


I'm starting to plan my garden for the summer. I want low maintenance plants and ivy that will creep all over my fence. I'm not going to try vegetables again...its too hard to keep them well watered (roof top patio) and I have plenty of travel plans this summer that I won't be able to take care of them properly.

I'm limiting myself to small herb garden and some baby greens/spinach.


also, when is summer starting? like WTF right? its so rainy and cold and ugly out!


big week at work. (re) launching a development in Mississauga. publishing a magazine. moving our sales center to a new location. still working on the new website. kind of love being this busy though, honestly.


Peter and I went running on sunday (i know!!) and it wasn't actually that bad. he found a hill in high park (wow first time I typed that I said 'kill' instead of 'hill' ....which is pretty accurate) and its seriously soooooo steep and intense. we just jogged a bit to warm up in the way there and then took turns going up and down the hill. it drains you! this is not a tiny hill, this is more like a steep mountain trail with parts that are actually 90 degrees.
I am better at working out if its short bursts of energy that I can push myself through.

We've made a pact to run the hill every sunday for the next four weekends. wish us (me) luck.

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