Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gold Star

Today was a big day for me!

I created business cards for MYSELF. I've had a few work business cards, and I've designed a ton of cards for friends/work/family but this is the first time I've made my own cards to promote myself. EXCITING.

I bought  (I have no idea why I waited for so long, it took all of 15 minutes and cost $8)

I opened a tax free savings account and invested money in mutual funds. I was sort of hijacked by the bank teller today but she was really friendly ... I wasn't planning on doing either of those things but she made some really valid points and now I'm at least earning interest on my first house fund car downpayment.

I'm learning to express my point of view better and not to be persuaded by others so easily.

And I'm almost finished a huge project at work (our first magazine) that I will be really proud of when its finished.


miss teacups. said...

That's awesome! Those are all really great things to be proud of.

Maybe you'll have to show me how to buy a domain name, I want one too :)

Can't wait to see you - TOMORROW!!!


jules (the life of a cupcake!) said...


congrats girly :) big things!!! :)

card looks adorable.

good call on the domain, i just renewed mine, and it's so cheap - i can't even believe it.

looking forward to seeing you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

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