Monday, December 31, 2012

Theres always time for a list


its been a while.

I didn't really relise I needed a break until I started to break and just had no interest in going back. I went cold turkey didn't touch a computer for over a week. 12 days to be exact. there were a lot of factors, being home being one of them, christmas, visiting, but the major one was just general lack of interest.

I need to remember that life happens outside of the screen. yes yes yes yes yes I knoooooooow you have to be online for some things but I personally just need to put down the computer, my phone (instagram) and the tv. turn it off. sit for 5 minutes with it off. not distracted. actually wait, be distracted. listen to your body and mind, but don't go behind the screen. be free from it. bake for no reason. repot your plants that are overgrowing. I think its also important to say that it doesn't have to super high productivity time either. I often get suckered into thinking that if i'm not 'relaxing' behind the screen I could or rather, should, be doing something on my to do list. not true. go for a walk. make a craft. fail at making a craft.

that rant was really just so I can remember my point later when I'm stressed and wonder how I got that way.

theres going to be some things I need to remember in 2013 but for now I need to get away from this screen.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

second website is live

Just a quick pop in to let you know my second website is done....


I had a lot of fun photographing the ingredients for the site. I had a specific vision and sometimes its just easier to do it yourself.

as always, let me know any issues you find with it! Load times okay? (I tried to keep the file size down but its sooooo hard with nice images)

still trying to find a way to upload that flash video cause its pretty neat.

okay back to work.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

what can you do for me?

I'm staying home from school today. for once I'm actually ahead and finished the project thats due in this class and I don't really care to get any feedback on it and as long as its done thats good. (for this class)

its weird to be at home during the day though. I have these dreams of freelancing and living a 'creative' lifestyle and having days filled with coffee and walks and other days working through the night..but is this realistic? Do I actually think I could live that life? I'm not sure.

I'm not sure I couldn't have a steady job and well really a steady paycheque. a lovely steady paycheque.

This year has been good for me though.
(sidenote for anyone new, I quit my job to go back to school and haven't seen a paycheque since)

I've been able to trust myself. I've been able to reel back my 'wants' and 'needs'. Also having the excuse that your in school and you don't have extra money is SO handy to have. I have used it countless times. for example : Christmas! I think its silly to just exchange products. When in other years its been easier to just buy something I do. but no excuse this year, I have the time, I don't have the money, I AM MAKING YOU SOMETHING.

Also it makes me want more for my dollar. yes I will demand you put another handful of pickles on my sub. I will call rogers and ask to have my fee lowered. I asked to have my debit card have unlimited transactions. I asked for an extra $40 off a desk I saw on craigslist. and you know what?! I got every single one of those things. every single one.

want to know what my secret is?


simple simple words that empower people to help you.

seriously. try it. try it for something you wouldn't normally think there is even a way of lowering the cost. the bank? I wouldn't of thought they could negotiate things like that, but they can. everyone can. everyone has power, just give them the chance to prove it to you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Baths are awesome. seriously awesome.

I always feel so good after one.

like my muscles and bones are calm. at peace.

then theres this. .   .

the bubbles fizz in my ears. they crackle when I lift my head out of the water. too loud. put my head back in. ahh. the water is still running from the tap. such a waste of hot water. am I really thinking about that right now? relax. there are so many bubbles. more bubbles then I would have put in. oh whatever, they smell warm and light and I'm pretty sure there was a picture of an ice cream cone on the front.

ice cream. what makes an ice cream sandwich good? is it the cookie? or really the cookie texture? I think its the chewy cookie mixed with the soft ice cream. messy but not drippy.
Want to help me with school?
Tell me what you love about ice cream sandwiches in the comments. please?

things I want to do with my christmas vacation -
learn to knit
make a terrarium
hang some art on these walls
rearrange the kitchen cabinets (this has been bugging me forever but its such a big project that I can't really start and not finish so it needs serious dedication)
replant the aloe vera baby plants...maybe gift some?
gym gym gym health kick
a blog every day for a week challenge (going to need your support team)
a lets drink coffee and meet early and plan out goals and blog dreams session with dave cave

baths.......go have one.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Good morning!

Things at school are getting super crazy and I only have two weeks left before Christmas holidays. Saturday night we cleaned and decorated for the holidays and put on christmas music and it was lovely to start to get in the spirit of things. That night a bunch of friends came over for a potluck and we played Would you Rather? the BOARD GAME! I looooove love love board games and this one was awesome. highly recommend. Then we went to the bar near our place and the boys spent all their drink money in the pinball machine ha.

I've been dealing with some health issues and I have another appointment tomorrow after class. I really hope they can figure out whats going on and fix it. Its a rather woman-y problem so I won't get into details but I certainly have come to appreciate the delicate balance our body's must maintain. and I respect my body for doing so good in the past. just now..I feel unbalanced. and confused?

things that have been wonderful -
making pulled pork in the crock pot and remembering how easy it is and how much friggen meat it makes, we have leftovers for dayssss
sitting on the couch in my underwear now that I don't have roomates
finishing projects
striking the right balance of drinking but not being hungover
lemongrass essential oil - I added some to my homemade all purpose cleaner and loooove the smell
thinking about having three whole weeks off at christmas
ordering 80% of my gifts from amazon and not having to go shopping
my new booties that my lovely cousin carly got me

Heres a project that I finished for my Flash class. ...I'm not sure if this will work but I'll give it a shot.....
nope...couldn't figure out a way to make this work. I'll keep trying but for now I have to study for my tech final.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

crate of large sausages....

Just a quick post today. Mostly to let you know that dave cave answered my question of  how do you know when something is a good idea? in writing form and a video too!

I'm going to warn you about going through his site, lots of naked dude pictures, I've asked him to give me a warning but always always always have to fast click away from his blog in public. haha whatever, I've sort of grown to like those posts (didn't at first, I told you that)

I think whats important to remember about ideas is that you will keep having them. Its not like your brain will dry up and you'll never have another good idea in your life. I mean, I think thats what a lot of us fear, but its really unrealistic to actually happen.

Also school puts a whole new dimension on 'ideas'...because they aren't even ideas anymore, they are school projects. Especially when its a group dynamic and people weigh in on your ideas right away and your brainstorming on the spot and for me that is a tough way to be creative.

I also try and save my ideas for later, especially on this blog, partly because I think I fear ^^ (running out of good ideas) and partly because I am lazy. I think, I'll do that post later, when I'm more organized and have more readers and and and.
and then it never happens because in a couple weeks my mood has shifted and its not the post I want to write anyway.

Must get to school.

Here are the search terms people are using to get to my blog.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

these titles are pointless and I never know what to write in them.

so many things in my head right now.

Mostly. ..

ha. yeah. just everything.


I bought a tree. its wayyy to big but I love it. Its sort of like a gawky big bird or something..shrugging in the corner. actually its mostly just like a tree but it has that vibe to me.

we put christmas lights on it to make it more awesome.

I ate something tonight that is NOT agreeing with my stomach. I had the worst pains after dinner.

also my brother moved out last Thursday. its funny because I never realized how different it was having a roommate to not having a roommate (peter doesn't count because I can still walk around in my underwear with him and pee with the door open)

how do you know when something is a good idea?

i am asking this question because I actually want to know the answer. or your rational at least.

what goes through you head?
what are the top priorities?
in what kind of environment do you get your best ideas?
do you love them at first or do you have to warm up to them?
what are they doing now?

for me a million things run through my head. I like to write things down. if im brainstorming every single thing I think about get written down. I like to do that because often my ideas come from other ideas. They take shape from each other.
but other times they just appear. they evolve naturally. they were something that was part of your life and in you and then it was an idea.
usually, I just go on with my daily life and its not until one of those ideas keeps nagging me that I really listen to it. it keeps surfacing. I think about it when theres no reason to think about it. I like it but it scares me. It could work, and thats what makes it alive. different. special. awesome.

cool yeah so I'm working on something.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

writing down the bones

I've been reading a book my friend dave cave gave me. shaved paved craved.

Its called Writing Down the Bones, freeing the writer within by Natalie Goldberg. Its also about 2 inches by three inches and a little less then an inch thick, so perfect size to always just always be with you when you happen to have a free moment. 

I'm loving it so much. Its changing me. 

I would usually say something here about how I don't really consider myself a writer or that I don't really care to write a book. First of all, thats my inner critic talking and secondly, that is irrelevant. 

You write everyday. you write emails, tweets, to do lists. you have to write a letter of resignation and we should all be writing more postcards. you don't need to be a 'writer' to write. Its a beautiful thing, writing. 

Her book is so full of advice and is one of those experiences that you find what you need to hear in it. 

"Original details are very ordinary, except to the mind that see their extraordinariness. Its not that we need to go to the Hopis to see greatness; we need to view what we already have in a different way. It is very deep for the Hopis to have a snake dance, but it also is one of their festivals that has been performed every other year for their whole lives. Like any other dance, when it was over, they incited friends to their homes for dinner. If we see their lives and festivals as fantastic and our lives as ordinary, we come to writing with a sense of poverty. we must remember that everything is ordinary and extraordinary. It is our minds that are either open or closed."

"Another thing you should watch out for are questions. If you can write a question, you can answer it. When you are writing, if you write a question, that is fine. But immediately go to a deeper level inside yourself and answer it in the next line. ...Don't be afraid to answer the questions. You will find endless resources inside yourself. "

Monday, November 19, 2012

Question -

I see some people already have their tree up for Christmas. I'm a big fan of a real tree because I love the smell so much.

I feel like the Christmas season just rushes right by so I was thinking of putting up my tree next weekend...but maybe its still to early? HELP

your mind is playing tricks on you my dear

okay okay okay

I had an email blogtervention this morning that is slapping me out of not posting for another day.

the sun is coming in my window and reflecting off my glass coffee table and shooting directly into my eyes. on a side note, glass coffee tables are never a good idea. they always get dirty and they show dust and I've had to upgrade to the industrial size of windex and that bitch is heavy to carry home.

I am going to start making my own cleaning product though. window cleaner, lemon all purpose cleaner, bathroom/grout cleaner, dish soap, hand soap, facewash (already doing that one) shampoo. anything else I can make instead of buying weird chemically options?

So I finished my first website last week. (!) Do you want to see it?  here ya go. on the home page mouse over the circles...I'm not sure if this is intuitive enough, I might change them to always show the text..thoughts?

the content was based off a print shop in kensington but we had to change the name and design a new logo. I guess just in case people are googling it ...I wouldn't want my site to be coming up for them haha.

Now I'm working on a site for a hotel and also starting a site for home made cleaning products (its my new mission)

The lovely Carly came and visited this weekend and it was awesome. we went to see of monsters and men friday night and then saturday went shopping all along queen. we found a gold mine of a vintage store called Public Butter. everything was $20! (and I mean good stuff too, like jean jackets and leather jackets,  $20!!) There website is pretty crap, maybe I will contact them when I finish school haha

also came up with this gem - hot lips big hips sassy tits I don't stop for punctuation period
just yell that out a few times, guaranteed to feel better

Heres a cool website - a softer world

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Here's Jonny!

Dave! This morning I woke up early. made coffee! logged into the blog!

what to write what to write.

People are getting so worried about this silly storm. Last night I was supposed to have a midterm and it was cancelled because of the wind warning. I couldn't believe they would cancel a midterm just because of some wind!

In my four years at Humber we never even got one snow day. Not even ONE! and its seven weeks in at Sheridan and we postponed a midterm because of leaves blowing around.

So instead I came home and then we went to the theatre to watch The Shining. WHAT a movie. I'd never seen it before and on that huge screen and Jack is going insane and that scene where they are on the stairs really gets me. he is just so mean to Wendy and menacing and just plays that part so well I was scared for her.

P and I decided if we have a little boy we are going to go as Jack, Wendy and Danny for Halloween. He doesn't have a choice. P would just carry an axe around all night and limp and be generally more crazy then normal and I could find a smock dress in a thrift no problem.

oh and if we had two girls they could play this part.

holy low res photo.

just wasted a good amount of time looking at Shining Gifs.

I'm still trying to watch less tv. yesterday I didn't watch anyway...instead I went into school early to study for a midterm that isn't until next week and at night I just read before bed. Its not that I don't like tv...because I do...I really do..its just its never just one show..its one show and then you want to watch another show and show show show turns into staying up way too late and what even happened?

Shows that I love -
Mad Men ...although, to be honest...I need some more drama from this show...the last season was pretty uneventful.
Parks and Rec
The Office
Amazing Race
Project Runway
Workaholics (resisted liking this show at first...but it gets me laughing every time)
Nurse Jackie (I think I'm the only person who likes this show, I've never met anyone else who watches it)
SNL (sunday morning tradition because I can never stay awake that late)

Lately I've been sort of half watching the Walking Dead with Peter and its kind of got my interest but the noise those zombies make have me wanting to rip my ears off. its so gross and they are so brutal in killing them. think like, arrow through the eye ball and machete slicing heads off. its too much for me!

In other non tv and movie news I found this cool site you can play around with type and letters with. Its called Type is Art. 

Heres some examples...bonus points if you can guess which one (s?) are mine...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

what are we even watching?

Friday night I was in a mood and decided we watch too much television.

Which is true, kind of. Mostly it was the mood though. I want to spend more quality time together and we have sort of slipped into a habit of eating in front of the TV and watching show after show, even though we don't even have cable.

Anyway, once I had put that challenge out there it was fairly easy to hold out on watching anything.

We had a big-ish fight Saturday night. Which makes this look whole thing look worse then it is but looking back on it now I'm realizing that the same things that put me into that mood were the same things we fought discussed like adults about on Saturday night.

All of which are pretty much cleared up now.

But I mostly started this ramble to talk about what not watching tv for 48 hours taught me.

First, I fill the void with internet. blooooogs and more blogs. find a good blog and kill the whole archive.

2. Thank god for pinterest so I can keep track of the cool stuff.

3. I should write more. Like actually write.

4. I feel like I probably get the same about done, there is just an extra sense of calm when there isn't a television demanding attention.

5. I cook more/better meals.

6. More time for reading and sex. both awesome.

7. It feels like I have more focus, but I'm not sure this is totally because of the Tv thing or possibly due to better time management.

I'm just in love with these two pictures. source 1 and  (number 2 is also an autumn playlist! enjoy, its lovely)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

at this moment I am

this triangle duvet cover from Urban Outfitters

the idea of a yellow ombre pillow on top of that duvet cover

lattes. dark, bitter and frothy. +

beeswax candles. the scent, the colour, the earthyness of them. I've ordered 7 pounds of beeswax to make christmas gifts with this year. I can't wait to get started.

white, leather and gold jewellery. I need to buy some new jewellery, my outfits are boring without something to mix them up and new clothes aren't really in the budget.

grilled cheese! man we have been eating a ton of grilled cheese here. especially on pumpernickle bread. yummmmmmers.

more coffee. I'm in school, what can I say? Girls gotta stay hydrated.

this lovely iphone case. yellow, grey, wood and TRIANGLES? sold!

Sorry things have been so quiet around here. We have literally re-arranged the whole apartment in the last week. moving shelves, adding a new desk, moving the computer, and purging some of the stuff that wasn't working. its much more productive for Peter and I to work from now. I actually enjoy sitting in the living room and working on projects instead of being along in the bedroom on an uncomfortable chair. Hes been doing a fair amount of video work and with all of my homework our main computer gets a bit of a workout.

it was nice to go home for Peters thanksgiving and then up to my cottage to celebrate with my family. it was a bit of a whirlwind tour, we visited, we ATE and we moved on to the next meal haha. repeat repeat repeat. I must say, as lovely as it is to visit I'm a home body and would rather spend relaxing nights at home with P and his amazing cooking. This is sort of a secret but I don't really even like turkey that much.

I'm almost out of tea from Davids tea and was debating what flavours to get next. For sure I am getting forever nuts, pumpkin chai and banana bread...what others do you love? I'm looking for some more non-caffeinated ones since I usually drink tea at night.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is there for real a mosquito in my room right now?

I am having a revelation about skin care and time alone tonight.

I don't make enough time for either.

And they are just so important. SO IMPORTANT!

(oh and random sidebar, a few people in the last week-ish have talked to me about my blog in real life and I'm always super awkward about it because ...I don't know...its like my personal ramblings...and my randomness.
and its not like you don't already know that I over analyze evvvvvvvvverything.

actually yes, lets talk about this....

(when the sidebar takes over your post)
(story of my life)
(one more?)

I want to put my thoughts out there. I feel like I need to. but I also just wish it could not be thrown back in my face for ANY reason.

I'm not here to hurt feelings or loose a job or damage future me's potential in any way.

But at the same time, this feels right. this feels like what I am supposed to do. what I've always done with my feelings. WHAT I DO

to other bloggers: do you struggle with this? this worry that your blog will have negative impacts to your real life?

See its so different though. there are less bloggers that share real and honest opinions and how they are really feeling and experiencing. Its just not what makes the money and I get that. totalllllly get it.
I really appreciate those that do though. thank you for letting me into your life.

(side bar in a side bar
(inception of side bars)

In fact, I've been toying with the idea of starting a less personal, more awesome links much everything this blog sometimes tries to be but fails.

I just always have to go back to the feeling stuff and its a different release. for a different market.
a different blog.

end second sidebar)

and yep, nothing really to go back to in the first sidebar)

so here we are, back at skin care and time alone.

I'll start with skin care.


I'm sold. going to buy castor oil tomorrow. and new washcloths I guess.

But I really feel like this is my THING. my skin has wanted this for so long, it loooooves to be oily and doesn't like me to wash it. which is fine for like weekends at the cottage and camping haha but when I am out in the city all day and apply makeup in the morning (including powder) I just feel like I need to wash my face before bed. that washing it would still be better then not washing it.

but! cleaning it with oil? (and not just olive oil, thats wayyyy to thick for my skin) I'm sold.

(not even actually sold, this will be the cheapest skin care routine I've tried to date)

oh yeah. and time alone? lovely, just lovely.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So many things to say!

mostly though, shredded carrots.

I'm sooooo in love with them.

They are unbelievably tasty. and so cheap!

just shred them up in a food processor, add equalish amounts of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, then some salt and pepper and a herb. the first time I used parsley and this time I used dill and both were rad. oh and like half of small red onion. This time I was so lazy I just dumped the onion down the food processor tube and it did all the work for me in like .8 seconds. They are tangy and a little salty and sour and the soy sauce gives it depth but its light and healthy and you feel great after.


whoa. its even weirder then I thought.

like at first I was all whatever school, its this abstract thing that I'm going to do and was mostly focused on what will happen after the fact and what I will do with the rest of my life but now I'm like a student again with other students haha. this probably makes zero sense. its just like, I can do school, I'm good enough with time management and group dynamics and deadlines but its so weird to be off in the middle of the day waiting for a 1:00 class or learning from a teacher again. I don't know how to describe it really. its just such an adjustment.

its fun right now to look at the people in my class and try and think of their story and what they did before now and how we all ended up here. They seem pretty good, I'm excited to know them more.

I've been thinking of getting a new tattoo. possibly on the top inside of my elbow or possibly on the top of my foot closer to my toes.

I don't have a final design but its definitely going to be something geometric, something symmetrical and balanced. probably with at least one triangle, most likely also a circle. My debate is colour or no colour? IF I do colour I'm thinking only two or two with a small accent of a third colour. Turquoise blue and coral and maybe some yellow. black outline.
I'm picturing what the conversation will go like when I demand to know how much red vs pink is in the coral. oh jeeze.

I feel bad about leaving the last post up for so long without posting something more positive but life was totally amazing and I just didn't even know where to start.

but then. shredded carrots! and I knew.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I wrote that post below and then proceded to drink my face off and fall down a flight of stairs and puke on myself while sitting on a sidewalk, blacking out the entire way home and then again in the bathroom with the door locked and then to top it all off puke again in the bed and then come morning really remember none of this and re-live it through others explanations of my shame and confusion.

I'll probably regret putting that on the internet but also? dont care?
the question marks are meant to confuse you.

what. else.

I'm using this new note app and it lets you either type out the note or just say it and it types it for you or you can take a picture or link a web page and probably even more then that but I'm still sort of new. its called evernote. oh you can also have an online version that syncs with your phone version.
try it. you'll like it.

my latest note:

Did the sun really get stronger or are people just more vain?

good. job.

actually! haha I have no job!! oh right THATS what I came on here to talk about. haaaaa lyfe.

yes so for the first time in like forever (at least 15, which holy fuck was 10 years ago) I am contently unemployed. seems pretty weird for me.

seems like I should have less guilt. I feel incredibly anxious about not working and having an income for the next 8 months. I actually think I really need this though. I need to learn to relax. To slow down and calm down.

and realistically school isn't going to be the most relaxing thing, its just a different channel.

alright enough out of me, I'm going to enjoy the sunshine!

heartless challenge

what a whirlwin lately. I don't know. I'm all over the place.

I'm thinking the loaded thought of leaving my job and receiving my last pay check for the next 8 months is like hugely affecting my better judgement right now.

I'm craving peace, hot sauce, and to re-arrange the apartment.

I feel completely overwhelmed and underwhelmed and its just one of those transitional periods where I look at everything in my life and try and be more streamline. more simple. most satisfying.

some times I think I over analyze. I think way too much about the stupidest shit.
but like, at the same time, I'm always going to be this way so why not try and at least change the things I don't like and move towards a happier self.

or maybe I'm just too hard on myself. or maybe. or maybe.

I've really been trying to channel an inner calm. I feel like its all I have sometimes. sometimes I go so far into my own head there exists a peacefulness. one thousand scenarios that may never happen being played out. A repeating one is where i'm lost in a whitewashed world of sunshine and laundry blowing on a close-line and little toes and blueberry crumble.

I want land. ground. soil. dirt. growth. green.

I'm listening to gold dust woman on repeat. for better or worse, that song fills my bones.

Friday, August 17, 2012

end of an era

hi all. 

I'm officially finished at my work. I'm DONE DONE DONE. 

it was bitter sweet. it was SO hard to say good bye to everyone and know that I won't be seeing them every day anymore but at the same time I am exciting and looking forward to the future so that made it easier.

They were all so sweet and threw a pizza party and bought me an ice cream cake (my fav!) and some school supplies and even some davids tea and one of the bodega travel mugs. so thoughtful. 

today is the first day of my two week vacation. I worked my butt off this summer so I'm happy to just sit back, relax and catch up on some reading. 

I'm actually headed to the cottage right now for the weekend and probably a few more days depending on the weather. my bf from france flew in monday and the two of us have no specific plans so we shall see where the dog days of summer take us. 

this blog may be a little quiet but I'm very excited for september. follow along on my instagram @erynackerman

love you all. xox 

Friday, August 3, 2012

roadtrip essentials..

Sun hat ++

Polaroid Camera ++

Corn Nuts and munchie snacks

Sunglasses (arent these ones rad?! I love the little arrow detail on them) ++

Comfortable jean shorts (so cute with the lace detail) ++

Moleskin journal -  I always get so inspired when I travel and need a place to jot down notes.

We've decided to hit the road and drive to a beach of some sort. Not 100% where we are going and not 100% sure when we are coming back.

but 100% what I needed.

Have a great long weekend!!


Monday, July 30, 2012

weekend recap

So there were many things we had planned for this weekend including spending the day at the cottage with P's cousins but alas, this plan fell through and we were left with the day to ourselves. 

Instead we ..
-got Peter a hair cut
-went to the farmers market in town (which was AMAZING. I can't believe the bounty and low low prices of all the vendors) 
-the Zellers in Lindsay is closing and I was able to score a food processor for cheap cheap :) I have soooooo many new recipes to try now that I have this tool
-read my book
-read food magazines
-chased the sun around the lawn to catch some rays
-ran in a corn field 
-played with cats
-found an escaped cat under the neighbors porch (sneaky little thing) 
-made a bouquet with the flowers around the yard
-made fizzy drinks 
-walked by the river in the middle of the night 
-we both had a craving for homemade burgers so I whipped us up some with the fresh corn
-P found a milkshake maker in the basement and I just about died when he showed it to me and said we could keep it
-did four loads of laundry 

P's parents were out of town so it was really nice to just chill out in a beautiful house and see where the day takes you. 

it didn't take us far, and it was lovely. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Five

Photo taken and edit by yours truley. 

Its Fridayyyyyyyyyyy 

Don't you just love fridays? They are filled with so much potential. 

We saw the Batman movie last night... SO SO SO SO GOOD. I felt like it could be real? Like this could actually happen to a city? 

We are headed up to LNZ tonight. probably go and visit my mom and see the new house (she did a ton of renovations to the entire main floor) and then go to the bar peter used to work at for some wings and Somersby. Have you tried this beer yet? YOU NEED TO! it tastes like summer. don't miss out! 

Saturday will start out at the farmers market, then peter needs a haircut, and after we are taking his little cousins up to my cottage for the day :) Should be really fun. which reminds me I want to buy some bubbles and sparklers for them!! 

Sunday has no plans but I have a pretty serious suspicion the day will start at St. Daves for breakfast. best best best place ever. they remember me every time and BRING ME A DISH OF PICKLES. I don't even ask! as IF there is anything better then that. (there isn't)

Friday Five: 

Reading: Why are American Kids so Spoiled  - you don't need to have kids to find this really interesting. Definitely makes me want to instill independence and responsibility on my children from an early age. 

Watching: Ever wonder how they make paper cut out prints? Answer: with ridiculous amounts of patience. 
San Francisco from Simon Summerscales on Vimeo.

Listening: Heartless Bastards ...have you heard of this band? They are new to me and I am LOVING the sounds. Heres a great youtube playlist to throw on while you go about your blog reading this weekend.

Eating: Basil. so much basil on everything. I have loads of it from my little rooftop garden. 

Loving:  That peter and I are both working full time and still have weekends off together. Oh and I'm getting new glasses! Bonlook is having a summer sale, 2 pairs for $99. Amazing right?


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Take off both your shoes whatever chances you get especially when they're wet

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I've been thinking a lot about how I treat people and how this is a reflection of my true self. 

I want to be better at showing the people I care deeply about that my feelings are genuine and limitless. 

I'm learning that a smile and a laugh go a long way to strengthen a relationship. 

I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff. 

I'm learning how to manage my expectations and care less about 'the best way' and value 'the way it is happening' 

I've realized that reaching out, speaking out, and taking a chance has brought so much happiness to my own life. 

I've realized I'm not shy, just afraid of rejection or awkwardness. 

I want to cultivate new and fulfilling friendships and show my existing relationships that they mean the world to me. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

simple things that make me happy

+ Bike rides +
+ white, yellow and grey +
+ fresh sheets +
+ slightly chilled water +
+ growing fresh herbs and putting them in everything +
+ white patio lights +
+ documenting little bits of life +
+ good coffee +
+ thinking about the future +
+ finding heart shaped rocks +
+ stretching +
+ minty toothpaste +
+ sunshowers +

Thursday, July 19, 2012

15 Mason Jar DIY's

One of my favorite things to find at thrift stores are mason jars. They come in so many different sizes, shapes and designs. They are perfect for storing leftovers, keeping small items organized and SO SO SO many other things....which is why I've put together 15 DIY's with mason jars. These are all reletively easy things you can do and won't break the bank. Many of them would be great to give as gifts and an easy afternoon craft. 

You Can.....

make your own solar powered lights. from here 

make a place to store and light matches. from here 

make a soap dispenser! from here (and here is a way to make your own hand soap) 
this could also be great in the shower to hold shampoo and conditioner and look much nicer then a bunch of mixmatched bottles. 

make your own candles! From here

make an easy recipe for someone you love. from here 

cover the insides with fabric and create votive candle holders. from here

add a message in hot glue so when you paint them they look completely custom. A great idea to be combined with the next DIY or to have cookie mix inside it. from here 

adding multiple colour spray paint in a really neat design. from here. 

wrap yarn around them and spray paint for a really cool effect. from here

lacy mason jars from here

how about an easy air freshener? from here 

paint the outsides in great fun colours! from here

a cute little sewing kit and pin cushion. This would make a nice gift for someone going to school or moving away from home. from here 

make a herb gardens with them. love love love this idea! from here 

and finally! you could make your own mason jar tumbler lid! perfect for picnicks or kids :)

I hope that gave you some inspiration and I feel like it would be amazing to combine a few of these techniques to make low budget gifts and fun things for your home. 
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