Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Here's Jonny!

Dave! This morning I woke up early. made coffee! logged into the blog!

what to write what to write.

People are getting so worried about this silly storm. Last night I was supposed to have a midterm and it was cancelled because of the wind warning. I couldn't believe they would cancel a midterm just because of some wind!

In my four years at Humber we never even got one snow day. Not even ONE! and its seven weeks in at Sheridan and we postponed a midterm because of leaves blowing around.

So instead I came home and then we went to the theatre to watch The Shining. WHAT a movie. I'd never seen it before and on that huge screen and Jack is going insane and that scene where they are on the stairs really gets me. he is just so mean to Wendy and menacing and just plays that part so well I was scared for her.

P and I decided if we have a little boy we are going to go as Jack, Wendy and Danny for Halloween. He doesn't have a choice. P would just carry an axe around all night and limp and be generally more crazy then normal and I could find a smock dress in a thrift no problem.

oh and if we had two girls they could play this part.

holy low res photo.

just wasted a good amount of time looking at Shining Gifs.

I'm still trying to watch less tv. yesterday I didn't watch anyway...instead I went into school early to study for a midterm that isn't until next week and at night I just read before bed. Its not that I don't like tv...because I do...I really do..its just its never just one show..its one show and then you want to watch another show and show show show turns into staying up way too late and what even happened?

Shows that I love -
Mad Men ...although, to be honest...I need some more drama from this show...the last season was pretty uneventful.
Parks and Rec
The Office
Amazing Race
Project Runway
Workaholics (resisted liking this show at first...but it gets me laughing every time)
Nurse Jackie (I think I'm the only person who likes this show, I've never met anyone else who watches it)
SNL (sunday morning tradition because I can never stay awake that late)

Lately I've been sort of half watching the Walking Dead with Peter and its kind of got my interest but the noise those zombies make have me wanting to rip my ears off. its so gross and they are so brutal in killing them. think like, arrow through the eye ball and machete slicing heads off. its too much for me!

In other non tv and movie news I found this cool site you can play around with type and letters with. Its called Type is Art. 

Heres some examples...bonus points if you can guess which one (s?) are mine...


Dave Cave said...

hi! early mornings are key! KEY!
Pro tip: drink warm lemon water first thing, and wait 1/2 before you ingest anything else. For optimal shits.

i don't get the type art thing. It's above my head.

Anonymous said...

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