Monday, November 19, 2012

your mind is playing tricks on you my dear

okay okay okay

I had an email blogtervention this morning that is slapping me out of not posting for another day.

the sun is coming in my window and reflecting off my glass coffee table and shooting directly into my eyes. on a side note, glass coffee tables are never a good idea. they always get dirty and they show dust and I've had to upgrade to the industrial size of windex and that bitch is heavy to carry home.

I am going to start making my own cleaning product though. window cleaner, lemon all purpose cleaner, bathroom/grout cleaner, dish soap, hand soap, facewash (already doing that one) shampoo. anything else I can make instead of buying weird chemically options?

So I finished my first website last week. (!) Do you want to see it?  here ya go. on the home page mouse over the circles...I'm not sure if this is intuitive enough, I might change them to always show the text..thoughts?

the content was based off a print shop in kensington but we had to change the name and design a new logo. I guess just in case people are googling it ...I wouldn't want my site to be coming up for them haha.

Now I'm working on a site for a hotel and also starting a site for home made cleaning products (its my new mission)

The lovely Carly came and visited this weekend and it was awesome. we went to see of monsters and men friday night and then saturday went shopping all along queen. we found a gold mine of a vintage store called Public Butter. everything was $20! (and I mean good stuff too, like jean jackets and leather jackets,  $20!!) There website is pretty crap, maybe I will contact them when I finish school haha

also came up with this gem - hot lips big hips sassy tits I don't stop for punctuation period
just yell that out a few times, guaranteed to feel better

Heres a cool website - a softer world


rach @ paper hearts said...

Public Butter is the SHIT! So much love. That is all :)

Dave Cave said...

hey just checked out the website. am in love with the main logo with the horizontal paper stripes in the circle. I read about the roll over circles, so I knew about them before hand. ummmm, digging the font for teh shop/contact headings. (open from 12-7??? Oh, Kensington!) were you given all the photos before hand? is this a real store? am i an idiot, though?

Flavour said...

hahaha i can just picture peter swaying all sassy like and saying that. LOL. such a fun weekend! i'm moving in, haha!

also, your website is so cute! is it for an actual place? i think the circles are cute, though maybe i scrolled over them because you said so haha


Flavour said...

also those photos remind me of some of those questions that were in the little box of big questions game from the bar ;)

Angela Anne said...

The website you made looks great! Good work!!!

Monsters and Men looked amaaazing!

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