Tuesday, November 27, 2012

crate of large sausages....

Just a quick post today. Mostly to let you know that dave cave answered my question of  how do you know when something is a good idea? in writing form and a video too!

I'm going to warn you about going through his site, lots of naked dude pictures, I've asked him to give me a warning but always always always have to fast click away from his blog in public. haha whatever, I've sort of grown to like those posts (didn't at first, I told you that)

I think whats important to remember about ideas is that you will keep having them. Its not like your brain will dry up and you'll never have another good idea in your life. I mean, I think thats what a lot of us fear, but its really unrealistic to actually happen.

Also school puts a whole new dimension on 'ideas'...because they aren't even ideas anymore, they are school projects. Especially when its a group dynamic and people weigh in on your ideas right away and your brainstorming on the spot and for me that is a tough way to be creative.

I also try and save my ideas for later, especially on this blog, partly because I think I fear ^^ (running out of good ideas) and partly because I am lazy. I think, I'll do that post later, when I'm more organized and have more readers and and and.
and then it never happens because in a couple weeks my mood has shifted and its not the post I want to write anyway.

Must get to school.

Here are the search terms people are using to get to my blog.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

these titles are pointless and I never know what to write in them.

so many things in my head right now.

Mostly. ..

ha. yeah. just everything.


I bought a tree. its wayyy to big but I love it. Its sort of like a gawky big bird or something..shrugging in the corner. actually its mostly just like a tree but it has that vibe to me.

we put christmas lights on it to make it more awesome.

I ate something tonight that is NOT agreeing with my stomach. I had the worst pains after dinner.

also my brother moved out last Thursday. its funny because I never realized how different it was having a roommate to not having a roommate (peter doesn't count because I can still walk around in my underwear with him and pee with the door open)

how do you know when something is a good idea?

i am asking this question because I actually want to know the answer. or your rational at least.

what goes through you head?
what are the top priorities?
in what kind of environment do you get your best ideas?
do you love them at first or do you have to warm up to them?
what are they doing now?

for me a million things run through my head. I like to write things down. if im brainstorming every single thing I think about get written down. I like to do that because often my ideas come from other ideas. They take shape from each other.
but other times they just appear. they evolve naturally. they were something that was part of your life and in you and then it was an idea.
usually, I just go on with my daily life and its not until one of those ideas keeps nagging me that I really listen to it. it keeps surfacing. I think about it when theres no reason to think about it. I like it but it scares me. It could work, and thats what makes it alive. different. special. awesome.

cool yeah so I'm working on something.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

writing down the bones

I've been reading a book my friend dave cave gave me. shaved paved craved.

Its called Writing Down the Bones, freeing the writer within by Natalie Goldberg. Its also about 2 inches by three inches and a little less then an inch thick, so perfect size to always just always be with you when you happen to have a free moment. 

I'm loving it so much. Its changing me. 

I would usually say something here about how I don't really consider myself a writer or that I don't really care to write a book. First of all, thats my inner critic talking and secondly, that is irrelevant. 

You write everyday. you write emails, tweets, to do lists. you have to write a letter of resignation and we should all be writing more postcards. you don't need to be a 'writer' to write. Its a beautiful thing, writing. 

Her book is so full of advice and is one of those experiences that you find what you need to hear in it. 

"Original details are very ordinary, except to the mind that see their extraordinariness. Its not that we need to go to the Hopis to see greatness; we need to view what we already have in a different way. It is very deep for the Hopis to have a snake dance, but it also is one of their festivals that has been performed every other year for their whole lives. Like any other dance, when it was over, they incited friends to their homes for dinner. If we see their lives and festivals as fantastic and our lives as ordinary, we come to writing with a sense of poverty. we must remember that everything is ordinary and extraordinary. It is our minds that are either open or closed."

"Another thing you should watch out for are questions. If you can write a question, you can answer it. When you are writing, if you write a question, that is fine. But immediately go to a deeper level inside yourself and answer it in the next line. ...Don't be afraid to answer the questions. You will find endless resources inside yourself. "

Monday, November 19, 2012

Question -

I see some people already have their tree up for Christmas. I'm a big fan of a real tree because I love the smell so much.

I feel like the Christmas season just rushes right by so I was thinking of putting up my tree next weekend...but maybe its still to early? HELP

your mind is playing tricks on you my dear

okay okay okay

I had an email blogtervention this morning that is slapping me out of not posting for another day.

the sun is coming in my window and reflecting off my glass coffee table and shooting directly into my eyes. on a side note, glass coffee tables are never a good idea. they always get dirty and they show dust and I've had to upgrade to the industrial size of windex and that bitch is heavy to carry home.

I am going to start making my own cleaning product though. window cleaner, lemon all purpose cleaner, bathroom/grout cleaner, dish soap, hand soap, facewash (already doing that one) shampoo. anything else I can make instead of buying weird chemically options?

So I finished my first website last week. (!) Do you want to see it? http://nmdss.sheridanc.on.ca/~ackermae/euclid_print_shop/index.html  here ya go. on the home page mouse over the circles...I'm not sure if this is intuitive enough, I might change them to always show the text..thoughts?

the content was based off a print shop in kensington but we had to change the name and design a new logo. I guess just in case people are googling it ...I wouldn't want my site to be coming up for them haha.

Now I'm working on a site for a hotel and also starting a site for home made cleaning products (its my new mission)

The lovely Carly came and visited this weekend and it was awesome. we went to see of monsters and men friday night and then saturday went shopping all along queen. we found a gold mine of a vintage store called Public Butter. everything was $20! (and I mean good stuff too, like jean jackets and leather jackets,  $20!!) There website is pretty crap, maybe I will contact them when I finish school haha

also came up with this gem - hot lips big hips sassy tits I don't stop for punctuation period
just yell that out a few times, guaranteed to feel better

Heres a cool website - a softer world

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