Friday, February 13, 2009

im still alive

but im in the land of dial up soooo not very conducive to blogging. 

i've been reading my book a lot and last night i baked a coffee cake. it had apple and cinnamon and walnuts in it, so good. 

this is a quote from my book, the way the crow fies by ann-marie macdonald. when i am in nature i often find myself thinking about what it would be like to just stay there, never return to civilization. see all the things a tree sees in a year. 

'its amazing to think that, while we are at school or asleep or watching tv, the woods are here. breathing, changing, their stately grace made up of countless frantic lives lived high and low, each rustle and cry part of that sweeping rhythm. breath in, it's summer. breath our, it's fall. stand still, it's winter. open your eyes, springtime.'

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a trip to the ROM

after 4:30 the price of admission drops by half so we took a little walk around in the frozen tundra. it was not warm that day. 

hearts in my cappuccino warms my heart though. 
handmade pottery makes me want to take more pottery classes. oh to have money again. sighhh. 

glazes are my favorite. 
this ceiling is pretty much the only thing besides the bat cave that i remember from the last time i went to the ROM. its breathtaking. 

nature has awesome taste in colours. 

mountains in lake louise. <3>the skulls on the right (whiter ones) are what crocodiles and tigers looks like now, and the skulls on the left are how huge they used to be in the jurassic period. its called gigantism. 

ummmm kinda scary. 

today is a getting shit done day. i have to change my address on all my bills (again) and make sure they are all paid. i even paid off my mastercard which is a great feeling. i need to find out if i've paid my tuition for next semester and if not spend the rest of the day in an even more grumpy mood. bills are so overwhelming to me and i hardly even have any.

i saw a commercial for doing your taxes on tv this morning. tax season is honestly the most stressful time of my life the year, i've been audited twice in the last three years and every time i do it my parents get all up in my shit. its not pretty and i'm not looking forward to it this year since i've already had four different jobs this year to get T4's from and lived ghkjdkjldfjkldfkjdfjkl. breath.  

happy tuesday. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

across the internet

blogs are a great way to remember what you have done, what you were thinking and for most are an outlet. i started this blog in order to remember certain websites i went to, pictures i wanted to keep but didn't want to store on my hard drive and in general have a diary of what the fuck i am doing with my life. 

some people do this better then others. 

so here are some of my favorite websites and blogs that i read on a daily basis. what got me thinking about this is the 2009 Bloggies is going on right now and you can go to that link and vote for websites that have good names or click on them to see if they have any substance. 

also one sentence. and wee birdy caught my attention.

so i hardly need more blogs to read on a daily basis but in case you do here are some of my favorites:

a close (emotionally) and soon to be closer (geographically) friend of mine who i am beyond happy decided to pick up the mouse and blog again. dc's blog every body moon jump

another friend who may not be in the same continent but luckily some days it doesn't feel like that. catters blog pockethoughts

it's lovely! i'll take it! is a blog about horrible real estate pictures and witty commentary to complement it. 

something's hiding in here is a source of inspiration and iwantthatineedthat's

wish jar is a blog by one of my favorite authors kerry smith. shes got some wicked and enchanting ideas.  

if i'm on the computer, a day hour doesn't go by that i don't check raymi's blog. some good shit right there. 

it would be too complicated to tell you how but in some way i am semi related to this wonderful blogger. zoeyjane's emotional writing  on mommy is moody will keep you coming back for more, promise. 

and while we are on the topic of family, there's the adorable tea cups and bubble baths. her blog is just getting started but i already love it. 

and some others who i will let you discover on your own

ah who cares you always end up in the city

this was my apartment after a semi manic decision to throw out or donate everything in my apartment not classified as 'furniture'. this was even before i went through my clothes so you can imagine how much there was. 
this was all i kept of my personal belongings. the new subletter arrived today from paris and i hope she enjoys my apartment just as much as i have. when you judge your belongings on how willing you are to carry them around for a few months all of the sudden things seem to mean less to me. it feels good to pair down. 
dinner in little italy with melisma at utopia. my favorite resto in the whole city. next mission: wake up get coffee take pictures.
ohhhh look how pretentious i can be

dc: which head did you say you wanted again? this nice peach asian one?

 i lived in my apartment down the street and walked by this 'store' almost everyday and never once was it open. the 'sell' lots of ugly things.  
or possibly the one that was stabbed by the pink triangle?
or maybe forget the head, go for the hand in the basket. 
art gallery? doctors office? whale hunting?
true story. also the craziest coffee lady you have ever met. 
dear vesta lunch, your menu needs work. a real poutine is NOT ripped up cheese slices on fries. 
pahaha. i was taking this picture and the man came out and made me promise next time i needed a hair cut i would come in. yeahhhhhhh right. 
the infamous KOS
oh look more pretentious pictures. 
thats it kids. no more toronto for a couple months. i will miss it but it will be good to come back and appreciate its wonderfulness again. 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

this bitch be ballin

no. no. i'm really not. but i did have a stack of cash on this particular night last week. 

sorry i wish i had more to say right now but i drank double rum and cokes last night and have already brought them up once this morning and through careful observation i have determined that looking at this computer screen is not helping settle the waves in my stomach. 
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