Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a trip to the ROM

after 4:30 the price of admission drops by half so we took a little walk around in the frozen tundra. it was not warm that day. 

hearts in my cappuccino warms my heart though. 
handmade pottery makes me want to take more pottery classes. oh to have money again. sighhh. 

glazes are my favorite. 
this ceiling is pretty much the only thing besides the bat cave that i remember from the last time i went to the ROM. its breathtaking. 

nature has awesome taste in colours. 

mountains in lake louise. <3>the skulls on the right (whiter ones) are what crocodiles and tigers looks like now, and the skulls on the left are how huge they used to be in the jurassic period. its called gigantism. 

ummmm kinda scary. 

today is a getting shit done day. i have to change my address on all my bills (again) and make sure they are all paid. i even paid off my mastercard which is a great feeling. i need to find out if i've paid my tuition for next semester and if not spend the rest of the day in an even more grumpy mood. bills are so overwhelming to me and i hardly even have any.

i saw a commercial for doing your taxes on tv this morning. tax season is honestly the most stressful time of my life the year, i've been audited twice in the last three years and every time i do it my parents get all up in my shit. its not pretty and i'm not looking forward to it this year since i've already had four different jobs this year to get T4's from and lived ghkjdkjldfjkldfkjdfjkl. breath.  

happy tuesday. 

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