Friday, February 13, 2009

im still alive

but im in the land of dial up soooo not very conducive to blogging. 

i've been reading my book a lot and last night i baked a coffee cake. it had apple and cinnamon and walnuts in it, so good. 

this is a quote from my book, the way the crow fies by ann-marie macdonald. when i am in nature i often find myself thinking about what it would be like to just stay there, never return to civilization. see all the things a tree sees in a year. 

'its amazing to think that, while we are at school or asleep or watching tv, the woods are here. breathing, changing, their stately grace made up of countless frantic lives lived high and low, each rustle and cry part of that sweeping rhythm. breath in, it's summer. breath our, it's fall. stand still, it's winter. open your eyes, springtime.'

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