Saturday, March 21, 2009

every day is a new day

no, really. a brand new day. new sunshine, new plans, new feelings.

on paper my life has been literally and figuratively a walk in the park lately. i have no real job, no reason to set my alarm, no reason to feel the weight on my shoulders. but i do. because i'm like that. i crave structure and limits. i want a reason to feel tired. i am stressing about not being stressed.

correction, i was stressing. we had a plan, and then another one, and then that happened so we made another one, oh right and then that fell through and then we decided all this planning business wasn't actually getting us anywhere.

so no where is where we have decided to go. which seems like a non-plan but was actually one of the harder plans to figure out. have i royally confused you yet? welcome to my wonderland.

there are obviously many factors but the major one was my lovely incompetent school has just recently informed me that instead of one more semester of classes, i have seven days of classes. every monday, all day, for seven weeks. hardly a reason to sign a one year lease and move for the fourth time in three months to an apartment we can't afford, sign contracts on bills we can't pay, and to look yet again for jobs we should have had yesterday.

so we will sit pretty here. enjoy the country that many come to cottage in. live in the scenery people take their two week vacations to come too. we have resources here. jobs lined up. people who are willing to stick their neck out for us. we will build our bank accounts back up and make the next plan, the next move, oh so much better.

because as the plan stands now, the next plan will be more then one province away.

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carly. said...

all this time and yet no time to blog? lol. i've been worried about used to post all the time and now it's like once a month! post more...i want to hear about this non-planning, just living life. sounds lovely!

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