Sunday, March 29, 2009

you say you'd like to see me closer, of course you would, you have no choice

good morning.

its raining outside. one of those drizzle-ey slow floating rains that doesn't ever seem to reach the ground. i hate rain.

feel free to buy me this necklace, from brooklyn rehab. so cute and porcelain.

last night we went to a bonfire at the presidents parents house. it was a gorgeous night. the sky was full of stars and the air was surprisingly warm. i ate four marshmallows and had the worst stomach cramps from them. i could eat bags and bags of salty chips but my body has no tolerance for sugar.

but back to the weather. it was gorgeous the last two days, spring was definitely in the air. the breeze was warm and the sun was out. outer layers were shed and white runners were rescued from the bottom of the pile of shoes.

here is a list of all the things that i did in the last two days of beautiful weather outside. because a) i love lists and b) i haven't drank my tea yet and c) its raining now

raked the front lawn at my dads house
played frisbee
started talking about growing a garden this summer with my mom
picked up sticks around the yard
hit a couple golf balls
drove around with the sunroof open
had a bonfire
smelled bbq and promptly went to the store to buy burgers and buns for dinner
sat outside on the deck and chatted

and now. did i mention its raining? ho hum.

You build the wall I'll build the fountain
We'll wrestle it, we'll conquer it
I think we'll live to see the mountain
Well, of course we will, we have no choice

And I cry cause the weather has gotten to me
I laugh at the people that I can't be
all their lives are silly pictures

1 comment:

fille said...

dawn would love those necklaces.

white runners:
since when do you wear those?! get back in the city! i'll be there end of may to help you find some new 99 red balloon shoes....

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