Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quel temps fait-il?

spring time calls for sepia tones.

the geese are flying back! wow my life is wicked interesting eh? whats not to love -a blog about what migratory birds are doing.

the president is out writing a very important test. he is applying to pretty much the only place that is aggressively hiring right now, the rcmp. today's test proves that yes he does indeed have a brain inside his head and that he can use it to speak and comprehend english. he has a physical test thursday where he has to run three miles and attempt thirty pull ups.

once he is hired, which i am positive he will be, he goes to regina saskatchewan for five months for training. i have to say my only reservations about this whole career is the five months i will be left here without him. its not a bad gig though, they pay to fly you out there, room and board is provided plus he gets 500$ extra a week. enough for a few plane tickets for moi.

then we get to choose three regions where he might like to work and they try and place us there. they will all be on the west coast, in and around the rockies. both of us have such a lust love for those beautiful mountains. i can't wait to wake up and see them everyday. climb them on my days off and co-exist with the wildlife that thrives there. its truly a different way of life, less stress and the natural beauty never ceases to amaze.

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