Sunday, December 30, 2007

christmas is OVER

and i have to say...i am actually very happy about that. usually i'm not the type to get stressed out by the christmas rush but this year i just wanted it to be over before it really even began. i imagine it started since i really have no money to be buying people things this year and dreaded how i could possibly find something that matches with my budget AND my super awesome present buying skills. so yes, the anticipation this year was lacking.
on a brighter side, i did get many really great gifts from people that care about me. also, being home surprised me alot. i was much more comfortable just saying what i wanted, helping when i was needed and not putting on any false faces. i just didn't really have it in me to put up much of a front this year. and no one ran away crying, and in fact i think it helped other people relax in the situation as well. jkdkjdfkjsdf who really knows though?

it is reallllly nice to be back at home though. there is alot to be said for a wonderful place to come home to that welcomes you with open arms and truly makes me think this is the best place for me. what i love about my roommates is more then a list. i was just going to list everything that makes them awesome. but really....i can't even do that. sentences can't conform and express how i feel about them. also i am bad at articulating my feelings....maybe i should try and make that list just to see how close i can come. at a later date.

with the end of december and the start of january becomes the time to make decisions about how the rest of the year will be played out. i'm still undecided about new years resolution...if i want them, what they will be, will they last the whole year, are they going to be difficult? good thing i have until tomorrow to decide.

Friday, December 21, 2007

craft time

Laura Normandin Small Embellished Bottle

so adorable.
there was a point in time when i thought that having a car was the best way to get places, and really the only way to get places. but that time in my life has now ended. cars are the worst. being stuck in traffic is like swallowing bleach. maybe not that bad, but guhhhh you just never know when it is going to end.

had a thought last night. the figure of speech 'it just popped into my head'. well that really happens to me. like one second i am just walking into the bathroom and the next second my brain remembers that i have something to tell someone. or something to do. or the worst is when i forget things. which happens more then i would like.

i just got back from a bus ride from waterloo (hence the car hating) and it was fun. we played domestic married couple and did laundry and dishes and not much of anything important. but thats okay because in all honesty sometimes its things like doing our laundry together and arguing about how to fold boxers that i miss the most. or how when j does dishes he gets water like everywhere. or the random things that he buys at the grocery store hahah.

christmas is sooo soon. i can't even believe it. my mom bought me a chocolate advent calendar. good thing my room mates have been remembering to eat the chocolate haha. we had our 7th annual savis sister secret santa tonight. L got me four wine glasses and a bottle of red wine yuumm..i will definitely be opening that up soon.

i added more blogs that are nice to read on the sidebar.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

oh and i forgot to say. the best part is i get a free cook book because my question was picked!


I am always canodelling around this website called apartment and they have this part of the website that is for kitchen things, like cooking advice, recipes, appliences, and all around good info if you have a kitchen.
anyways, they had a contest to ask a profession chef any questions about holiday baking...and SHE ANSWERED MY QUESTION!!

Allie Lewis of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food asked for your holiday cooking questions. She's answered your questions on shrinking pie crusts and easy food for last-minute holiday gatherings. Here's the fourth of five questions Allie is answering for us.
Q: This holiday season my friends and I (all struggling students) decided to make baked goods to give to people. We plan on making a variety of different cookies, squares, peanut brittle, and other goodies.
My question is, how soon can we package these items to give out? Our idea was to put them in those cute little Chinese take-out container boxes with cellophane inside. We would like to get started but I was just wondering what kind of expiration date baked goods had.

if you want to find out the answer its here....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I knew it was going to happen. APPLE GOT A TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR!!! ohhhh it is ever so pretty. can't say i really need it but if i won a lot of money you can bet i would buy one of those darlings.

today is the most massive snow storm of life. i got sent home from work since the only people that were out in this BLIZZARD were not going for a causal stroll and eating crepes. also they are most likely homeless. hopefully things pick up at the restaurant i worked for 7 hours yesterday and only made like just over 20$ in tips....which is pretty horrible. I could make that in 2 tables at my last job. oh well they will have a hard time finding staff and i will just slip in my two sense that they need to INSPIRE US WITH MONEY to get the job done better. the end.

'mo money mo probelms, you of all people should know that Stanley' -michael scott The Office.

the french boys leave today and tomorrow. thomas is gone today and that is making a certain person a little bit of a sad bunny around the house. she will need a lot of chearing up in the near future. and hopefully she isn't going to get into the drink very much because we all know that that just leads to tears and nonsense.

hopefully J and i will be able to see each other soon. i miss that kid.. its bad that christmas is supposed to be a time you visit with family and friends and both of us are just working our asses off to afford to live and can't enjoy the time off school that we have. hopefully we shall see each other for a little while after the holiday madness dies down.

being sent home from work equals NAP time.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Here is a website i happened to come across. i lovvvvvvvvvvvvve it.

I think that if my life doesn't work out on the road i am on...i will make pottery and then paint it. and i will live in a wood cabin in the woods and make a fire everyday. also i will always have fresh flowers and tea.
i would grow all my own vegetables and eat no meat. i would have at lease one dog and probably a cat and take cute pictures of them together. also it would be near a lake and i would swim to the nearest island every morning at sunrise.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


I am FINALLY done! yesss.... no more stress. YAY!

its was a tough hall, sometimes I wasn't sure I was going to make it but I did. thankgod. and now everything can return to (semi) normal for a month at least.

in the time that I have not posted I got myself not just one, but TWO brand new jobs. so we shall see how that plays out.. one is at the end of my street in the cutest little restaurant called I feel like Crepe. its adorable and it only opened two weeks ago. I'm serving there but so far have only had one shift. bummer. i hope it will pick up like they promise...
and job number two. is at a pharmacy in the east end. its sort of a natural pharmacy of sorts and they sell alot of things you would find in a health food store. I am starting tomorrow so we shall see how that goes as well.

yesterday L and M and i went to the Umbra factory sale at the convention centre, let me just say it was HEAVEN. i bought alot of my christmas presents and now my list is alot shorter which is always an advantage. here are some of the things that i bought...

this is a gift for my friend who's birthday party was last night (whoaaaa drunk times ahaha)

this is going above my computer screen. the picture doesn't do it justice it is really beautiful. also I think i will hang mine horizontally not vertically like this ..

this is for above my bed to reflect the light that comes in from my window.

it was a super fun day and i am just happy my school days are finished for a while.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I dedicate this post to cones everywhere

This is pretty much the best website in the world and also it has alot of information that you might not have know. like for instance that
Blue Conecone Conus smurficus

height: 1'
range: California and Hawaii, often near gas stations, car washes, and hair salons

The Blue Conecone is a rare and beautiful cone. It was severely threatened with extinction in the late seventies due to a mistaken belief that boiling the cone would produce gold.


Had a pretty good weekend. got alot done including homework which is a pretty big step lol.
looking forward to being finished the semester in two weeks and then i will drink this much....

and will not puke not even once.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


"They" say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. well "they" would be proud of me.

Yesterday Leanne and I got up and went for breakfast at (well it was 1 in the afternoon but breakfast for us haha) the diner that she works at. It was soo amazing. I had a goat cheese and tomatoe omlette with the most delicious hashbrowns ever. She had a greek omlette. soooo goood.

We walked around after a bit and I dropped off some resumes. hopefully they call.

Anyway. For our second meal of the day Leanne and I made french toast on my george forman grill. Something i was a little worried about but ended up being one of the best things I have cooked on it! hahah the french toast even had little grill marks.

In between those breakfast i made a head board for my bed. you can hardly tell its held together with duct tape and wire. its really nice for watching movies, and counters the cold wall behind my bed.

i will post pictures of it later but not right now.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

duck town

i love fall leaves. i was walking and crunching them for our whole walk.

get ready for it......


i heart shadow pictures

Canada is usually..

a great place to visit.

not for this poor guy. Police tasered him to death in the van city airport. he was polish and spoke no english, when police approached him it looked as though he was having a panic attack. wayyyy to go canada. apparently he had been waiting in the airport for 10 hours for his mother, who was waiting on the other side of the wall.


Looks as though polish immigration will be on the decline. stupid police.

The rest of the weekend went well. j and i had a heart to heart about some things that have been on our minds lately, and granted its not perfect now but at least we know how we each feel. I can't help but feel as though hes going to break my heart someday though.

we got some stellar pictures of a BAZZILION ducks. pictures to come later. (not that anyone even reads this to care haha)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

whats worse..

than seeing your boyfriend for four days a month?

going to see him the weekend he gets a new job.

In all honesty I am super proud that he got this job and I know how much he needs this. (and its not just the money) But I'm bored and tired of hanging out at coffee shops....

I wish we were still here...

beautiful eh?

In other exciting news I got alot of homework done. more then I expected. Looks like I have the chance of having a social life for the next few weeks after all.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


My addiction to apartment has paid off again and I found the most amazing colour palette....

you can make your own at this website (eventually I will figure out how to make links...but so far safari is slacking in the ability to do it..)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First post

I'm new to this whole thing but here goes nothing.......

thats me

I like this

this boy is nice to me

I wouldn't be the same person without these girls
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