Sunday, December 30, 2007

christmas is OVER

and i have to say...i am actually very happy about that. usually i'm not the type to get stressed out by the christmas rush but this year i just wanted it to be over before it really even began. i imagine it started since i really have no money to be buying people things this year and dreaded how i could possibly find something that matches with my budget AND my super awesome present buying skills. so yes, the anticipation this year was lacking.
on a brighter side, i did get many really great gifts from people that care about me. also, being home surprised me alot. i was much more comfortable just saying what i wanted, helping when i was needed and not putting on any false faces. i just didn't really have it in me to put up much of a front this year. and no one ran away crying, and in fact i think it helped other people relax in the situation as well. jkdkjdfkjsdf who really knows though?

it is reallllly nice to be back at home though. there is alot to be said for a wonderful place to come home to that welcomes you with open arms and truly makes me think this is the best place for me. what i love about my roommates is more then a list. i was just going to list everything that makes them awesome. but really....i can't even do that. sentences can't conform and express how i feel about them. also i am bad at articulating my feelings....maybe i should try and make that list just to see how close i can come. at a later date.

with the end of december and the start of january becomes the time to make decisions about how the rest of the year will be played out. i'm still undecided about new years resolution...if i want them, what they will be, will they last the whole year, are they going to be difficult? good thing i have until tomorrow to decide.

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