Friday, December 21, 2007

there was a point in time when i thought that having a car was the best way to get places, and really the only way to get places. but that time in my life has now ended. cars are the worst. being stuck in traffic is like swallowing bleach. maybe not that bad, but guhhhh you just never know when it is going to end.

had a thought last night. the figure of speech 'it just popped into my head'. well that really happens to me. like one second i am just walking into the bathroom and the next second my brain remembers that i have something to tell someone. or something to do. or the worst is when i forget things. which happens more then i would like.

i just got back from a bus ride from waterloo (hence the car hating) and it was fun. we played domestic married couple and did laundry and dishes and not much of anything important. but thats okay because in all honesty sometimes its things like doing our laundry together and arguing about how to fold boxers that i miss the most. or how when j does dishes he gets water like everywhere. or the random things that he buys at the grocery store hahah.

christmas is sooo soon. i can't even believe it. my mom bought me a chocolate advent calendar. good thing my room mates have been remembering to eat the chocolate haha. we had our 7th annual savis sister secret santa tonight. L got me four wine glasses and a bottle of red wine yuumm..i will definitely be opening that up soon.

i added more blogs that are nice to read on the sidebar.

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