Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am always canodelling around this website called apartment therapy.com and they have this part of the website that is for kitchen things, like cooking advice, recipes, appliences, and all around good info if you have a kitchen.
anyways, they had a contest to ask a profession chef any questions about holiday baking...and SHE ANSWERED MY QUESTION!!

Allie Lewis of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food asked for your holiday cooking questions. She's answered your questions on shrinking pie crusts and easy food for last-minute holiday gatherings. Here's the fourth of five questions Allie is answering for us.
Q: This holiday season my friends and I (all struggling students) decided to make baked goods to give to people. We plan on making a variety of different cookies, squares, peanut brittle, and other goodies.
My question is, how soon can we package these items to give out? Our idea was to put them in those cute little Chinese take-out container boxes with cellophane inside. We would like to get started but I was just wondering what kind of expiration date baked goods had.

if you want to find out the answer its here....

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