Sunday, December 16, 2007

I knew it was going to happen. APPLE GOT A TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR!!! ohhhh it is ever so pretty. can't say i really need it but if i won a lot of money you can bet i would buy one of those darlings.

today is the most massive snow storm of life. i got sent home from work since the only people that were out in this BLIZZARD were not going for a causal stroll and eating crepes. also they are most likely homeless. hopefully things pick up at the restaurant i worked for 7 hours yesterday and only made like just over 20$ in tips....which is pretty horrible. I could make that in 2 tables at my last job. oh well they will have a hard time finding staff and i will just slip in my two sense that they need to INSPIRE US WITH MONEY to get the job done better. the end.

'mo money mo probelms, you of all people should know that Stanley' -michael scott The Office.

the french boys leave today and tomorrow. thomas is gone today and that is making a certain person a little bit of a sad bunny around the house. she will need a lot of chearing up in the near future. and hopefully she isn't going to get into the drink very much because we all know that that just leads to tears and nonsense.

hopefully J and i will be able to see each other soon. i miss that kid.. its bad that christmas is supposed to be a time you visit with family and friends and both of us are just working our asses off to afford to live and can't enjoy the time off school that we have. hopefully we shall see each other for a little while after the holiday madness dies down.

being sent home from work equals NAP time.

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