Saturday, March 29, 2008

would you eat chicken if you knew you had to kill it first?

i am seriously hung over from going out last night. we went to the brunswick house. kind of glad we didn't make it there for my birthday. good atmosphere but lammmmmmee music. kill me with house/hip hop beats. free pita pit after though.

I think i was still drunk when i woke up so i felt fine when i went to work. but as the day progressed the whiskey monster in my head slowly crippled me. headache and nausea city. grosssss...

two tylenols, shot of pepto, and hour nap later i am getting excited for all you can eat sushi.

picked up 2 ounces of pot today. i'm a baller. except one ounce is for a guy at my work and L and i got it for so cheap that we only have to pay like 70$ each. he has to pay 160$ though. thats just how the food chain works ppl.

haven't tried it yet but thats next on my mind. he said if we have any complaints to return it. what is this loblaws? i didn't know dealers have exchange policies. fuckin nutso.

the internet isn't working on my computer so i have to use my roommates. bummmmmmmer. also my NEW external harddrive isn't being recognized by my computer anymore. i turned it off the last time i used it without 'ejecting' it. did i fuck it up? i hope not. fuck fuck fuck. thats okay its only like 4 days old i will just exchange it.

zoeyjane has inspired me to think of green for my new bedroom colour, and i like the sounds of that.

i don't think i am going to work at the crepe restaurant next year because i think i will have to kill my boss before that happens. let me enlighten you - usually there are two girls in on saturday lunch. today there is just me for some reason. fine my me i think, more tips bitches! my boss tells me to just let him know when he could help me out (making drinks and such behind the scenes to back me up) which is what they always do when just one girl is working. does he not watch a movie on his laptop all morning and then when we start to get busy decides that is the perfect time to walk to the store and pick out some things for the restaurant. faaaaaack you. i am busting my balls when he comes in and he reminds me he is there to help. yah thanks asshole i could have used you for the last two hours. i still had shit he could have helped with but by this time i was so bitter i just wanted him out of my face and finished everything by myself. it was a matter of principle by then.

plus he is changing the whole tip out procedure (for the better) but is doing it all wrong so i garentee he will just have to change it again. i tried explaining to him how every other restaurant in north america does it but he still thinks he has a better system.

okay i needed to vent that i am feeling better now. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

oh how excited i am to become an office 9-5 bitch this summer with weekends off to drink on patio's, go to the cottage, and do all my food shopping at pedestrian sundays in kensignton market. life will be grand.

oh and i am going to buy a bike like this

to ride everywhere this summer and tone up my ass.

Friday, March 28, 2008

so watch your head and then watch the ground

HA tricked you. there was no more to come after lunch time. did you wait? ha.

this blog is a piece of shit.

I want to make a floor plan for my new apartment so that i can figure out where everything is going while I still have ppl there to help me move it. my arms are like toothpics i need to plan this ahead of time.

here is the listing for it, so that if they take it off viewit then I still have the pics. because realistically why haven't they taken it off the website, i signed the lease like 3 weeks ago or something like that.

"DUPONT-SPADINA (i would have to disagree and say its closer to dupont and bathurst, i walked it the other day and why would they lie about something like that? like obv they know where the apartment is, they LIVE there)

Located in a desirable area, this upper level bachelor apartment offers you an extensive layout which includes all your utilities; except hydro, parquet flooring, an open concept kitchen and living area, bay window, sunlit surroundings, and a 4-piece bathroom. Parking extra cost, laundry, as well as waste management facilities all on-site. Kindly contact Doll with your inquiries. $790/month plus hydro."

i am going to paint the kitchen deep eggplant purple and have avocado green accessories. plus the floor cushions my mom is making are light sandy brown with green FLOCK design on them.
this is what flock design is. my most favorite pattern in the whole entire universe.

that was fun searching for those pics, seriously that print gets me off.

I don't know what i want to do for the 'bedroom' area (i was going to explain it for you saying 'the room with the bay windows' but obv its just the room that is not the kitchen, and thus by default the bedroom).
L will be sleeping on my flop couch for the first two maybe three weeks after I move in. and possibly a boy will want to come and stay with me too. both of you have blogs now, and i am thinking of linking them but maybe you could let me know if thats okay?

also, I am going to grow my own herb garden in my kitchen window.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

this is my 71st post.

on a completely unrelated note i am going to make these soon.

Curry Roasted Chick Peas

2 t. olive oil
2 t. curry powder
1 15 oz can chick peas, drained, rinsed, and dried
1 t. sea salt

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and set aside.

Heat olive oil in a skillet over low heat, and add curry powder. Cook, stirring with a wooden spoon, until fragrant—about 30 seconds. Add the drained & dried chick peas and the salt, and stir to coat. Pour onto prepared baking sheet in a single layer and place on the middle rack of the oven. Roast for 30 minutes, shaking the pan every ten minutes, until peas are crisp and golden.

stolen from words to eat by

saw the movie Atonement last night at the bloor cinema with david.

I had read the book, david had not. I understood the plot line and character relations, david did not.

a pretty complicated book to make into a movie with the 5 main characters, forward/backward in time plot and three main separate segments to the movie. overall i thought it was very well done, following the book perfectly, and using music to really perpetuate the storyline. but as a movie, standing alone....overall very complicated.

more to come but its lunch time

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

when it starts to snow outside I can feel the world pulling itself in
it wraps its arms around you and shows you how close to nothing you have.
the sky looks full, the snow is everywhere
living in a world of snow means nothing.
everything seems close to you but its just an illusion.
but the snow is everywhere you think.
but the snow doesn't stay.

nickels and dimes

I am adding a lot of cute pictures in an attempt to make me happier.

yesterday I snapped on three different people. and i feel really bad about it. but i didn't feel bad about it until this morning, yesterdays rage lasted about 6 hours. thats along time folks.

the worst of the rage happened when i was trying to fall asleep and realized that the reason (and i have yet to prove this, but its my theory) that my dad wants to know if my mom put money in my account this month (because obvs i don't use child support at home so *most* of it comes to me directly) is because HE gave her money and SHE did NOT put it in my account i realized yesterday. so not only is she taking money from dad and refusing to help out her children with thier education anymore but she is KEEPING THE MONEY TO HERSELF.


breath. it will all be over august 2009. no more school, no more parent 'support', no more NEED for parent support, no more bullshit.

i'm applying for osap next year and i don't even care if i have a big fat loan by the end of it, i have the rest of my life to pay it off, fuck this living like the world is going to end if i don't have the next 3 months worth of rent stockpiled in my account. i am going to life MY life TODAY.

starting now.

wow reading that post is a little trippy and kind of like riding down a slide.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

we need more ipods in the world.

business is changing and in order to succeed you need to swim in the opposite direction. or at least think in the opposite direction. i think the reason that so many people live 'boring office jobs' is because business today is stagnant. everyone just shuffling along, throwing around terms like 'market share' 'brand loyalty' 'target demographic'. everything has already been done. the boom is over. but how can we get that rush back? if business executives spent more time thinking of new and exciting places to take their companies, not only would they create better products (that would sell on the bases of it being a new idea) but they would stimulate the market.

having six tire companies fighting over whose tires grip better is pointless. using your energy to create a tire that doesn't loose its tread or could be recycled in months instead of years? yes my friend. thats where you need to focus your attention. think new.

and i understand that sometimes a company has pushed all of the potential out of a product. it no longer can be 'new, and improved'. but not try to use traditional advertising to gain more customers.

advertsing will not work with magority of products today. as i say this i realize this leads my current carear path down a cermaic toilet bowl, but i will still say it with confidence. the problem lies in the products and the quantity of them that are available. the only time traditional advertising worked, was when housewife sally looked in her brand new maccaulls magazine that she waited all month for, pouring over every page with anticipation. she sees an ad for floor polish. she thinks to herself. "yes, i am running low on floor polish, i must remember to buy that next time i'm at the store" AND SHE BUYS FLOOR POLISH AND THE AD WORKED AND MR. FLOOR POLISH MADE HIS MONEY BACK FOR THE AD AND EVERYONE IS GEE GOLLY HAPPY.

but guess what? today there is a mr.floor polish, a mrs.floor polish, an uncle floor polish and even a foreign floor polish. and all of them have the same ingredients, and all of them are about the same price and no one knows really what the difference is.


when your flipping through your magazine today, and hell no you never look at ads anyway. but say there is a chance you stumble across mr. floor polish ad while your waiting in the doctors reception. and you see that ad for floor polish, and yes just like sally maybe you think "hmm i should pick up some floor polish" and it triggers something in your brain to remember to buy floor polish. AND THE AD WORKED RIGHT?!!!

WRONG. because you get to the store, and you see mr.floor polish, mrs.floor polish, uncle floor polish and foreign floor polish is on sallllllllllleeeeeeeee. so you buy that.

and holy crap, did you just realize that you spent all that money and you just advertised for your competition?! yes my friends. this is where the problem lies.

traditional advertising only works if people can specifically remember your brand. and that doesn't happen very often. (i'll prove that by challenging you to ask yourself how many times you have said, "i saw this really great commercial, i can't remember who it was for, but some (insert product category here) ie car company and blah blah blahhhhhh happened"

thats why i get so frustrated making tv, or radio or magazine ads, or (worst of all) bill board ads. i KNOW they will not do what ever bullshit story I pitch to the company.

-oh i should mention that many companies will throw around the term ROI (return on investment). they look at the sales graph. they see when the ad started. and they can clearly see a spike in sales after this. we did it! they holler. we are so clever!
BULLSHIT. i say. because if you look at everyone else's sales they also went up! not so smrt now I say.

this is the inspiration for this rant of a post-
I didn't write this but I fully agree with it. a company name Blueprint did write it though, and i agree with a lot of what they have to say.

"To the extent that sales is taught in business school, which is very little, we are told to sell using features and benefits. So that’s what virtually all companies do: they make a list of the features and benefits of their products and services, and then fight in advertising and other communications channels over whose list is better. There are many problems with this approach, not the least of which is it is a very narcissistic way of convincing the customer to buy.

The biggest problem with selling on the basis of features and benefits is it actually encourages prospects to check out the competition and compare. Why on earth would you use a sales technique that encourages your prospects to go to the competition?

Here’s the alternative: do what Apple does with the iPod (and our clients do with their offerings!). Inspire your customers so much in what your product or service does for them (this is different from features and benefits) and they won’t consider your competitors. Most people don’t shop and compare when they want to buy an MP3 player, they just want – and buy – an iPod.

Every company can make its products or services like the iPod. If they think or say they can’t, what they are really saying is they just don’t know how!"

Friday, March 21, 2008

i hate lindsay.

easter dinner table converstation. -

"can't wait to get up to the trailer this summer, gunna pull out the canoe and patch up the holes. gunna be a great summer for fishin"

"i've got one boy, he's a great guy, 6"2, strong, workaholic, gunna turn out real nice one day, then i gots two girls both on welfare, thems in the system, you know. going nowhere. then my 18 year old, shes my baby, couldn't do a thing wrong if she tried." (uhhh hu, cause your track record has proven to raise great girls)

"tattoos they never go away, them decisions last forever you know, don't make a mistake"
*meanwhile i can CLEARLY see your ex-wifes name tattooed on your fore arm loser

"i wish she would just quit smoking, i hate to hear her coughing at night. its gunna kill her one day."

one hour later...

"i'm good, except i get one beer in me and all i can do is smoke pack after pack"

hi step father. i am glad i am not related to your hick family.

get ready

for a post that includes the most outrageous facebook picture album.

its the new mom dance

proof that these people went out in public like this.

drum roll please.

kind of reminds me of this night.

L is giving me the finger in this pic. haha. i deserved it with that snotty look on my face.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

manic deadlines. survey complete.

oh right. blogging.

over a week since i last updated. huuu. but at least i was productive.

-got a summer job in the marketing department of a law firm downtown. hellsssss yes. monday to friday 9-5. with WEEKENDS OFF!!!!! i have never had a job with weekends off before. which leads me to
-realized summer is coming soon.
-signed the lease on my new apartment. the most sunny, little,(but still comfortable) apartment. and the best part is the landlord said i could paint it, did i ever mention how much i love painting?
-handed in three major projects, one of them being a hell of a lot more major, ie i have been working on it since the beginning of the semester.
-kissed a boy and then proposed a plan to make this summer amazing. no rings involved. haaa too soon?
-resisted buying any food at my school for at least the past 5 days.
-saw my friends recital, with other friends, it was friendly.
-ate at richtree (finally!, not impressed really though, have to say i was expecting more) with said friends.
-drank a hell of a lot of bottles of wine and feeling good about it.
-borrowed roommates clothes instead of buying something new. many many times. thanks.
-GOT A TATTOO! i can't believe it took me this long to remember that. haha. and i love it.
-dealt with my parents for the time being but i'm sure my mom will have something up her sleaze when i go home for easter, shes already got 100$ on the table for me just for making it home. whatever it is she already feels bad about it.
-got my license renewed, they look crazy now. fyi. get ready for your prison identification card. no more trillium just hard cold data. double picture even just on the front!
-got 8 hours sleep tonight starting eleven minutes ago.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

t dotting and eye crossing

my teacher showed us this website today. warning: do not view this post if you are hungry.

so much school work to do right now. next week i am taking a vacation. everything will already be finished by then though, this week is full of deadlines. last night was a waste of my time at work, i only had one table and make 10$. whoot.

looking forward to my birthday this friday. i apparently share celebrating this day with Steak and Blow Job day. good to know.
"Celebrated on March 14th, Steak and Blowjob Day is a holiday for men, celebrated the month after Valentine's Day -- a holiday for women.

The idea is simple: no cards, flowers, candy or other whimsical gifts. Ladies (and gay men), you simply bestow your partner with a steak and a blowjob. Not necessarily in that order.

Dave: "Hey Bob, what did Sally get you for Steak and Blowjob Day?"

Bob: "Well Dave, that would be a big juicy steak, and a big juicy blowjob."

we had a presentation from telus this morning. a guy from marketing came in and reiterated a lot of what we already knew. one thing stuck with me though. he was talking about advertising to consumers in order to make them spend more money on their monthly bills. this is an obvious goal of many campaigns. he justifies taking customers money, and then increasing thier bills by offering 'more' services with this little gem. "we have a legal responsibility to make our shareholders money year after year" yessss...a LEGAL responsibility. to only make money for your sharholders. bullshit, your in it to make money for yourself you greedy bastard.
and by no means do i think i am above this.

Monday, March 10, 2008

monday monday

i can not wait any longer for summer. toronto got another stupid amount of snow, i had to postpone my dinner plans (with my daddy!) :( and work was dead on a saturday. the snow has a personal vendetta to cancel all foot traffic to my restaurant on the 'busiest' day of the week. Fak off. i need the money.

sooooooo i have some very good news but i am waiting to tell a certain someone in person so i can't spill it on here yet. but it is going to make this summer awesome.

my period came 3 days late. my period never comes late. you can thank my uterus for nearly giving me a nervous breakdown. it was to the point that i was shopping this afternoon and price comparing pregnancy tests.

dear god,
please let me be infertile until after i am married. i am well aware it doesn't work like this but lets be honest we both know i would become a crazy recluse if i had a child right now.
just something to think about when people who deserve babies can't have them.
love erin.

raw food diet status: OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. couldn't do it. just couldn't do it anymore. i lasted 3 days.

this is what i learned
-when all you can eat is vegetables, they taste better when they are in season and actually taste good instead of imported mexican pesticides.
-this diet makes me loose weight, and other then a few pounds either way, i'm pretty comfortable where i am.
-real peanut butter is fucking awesome.

when i wanted to start the raw food diet i really wanted to push myself. i wanted to live a little harder and make my body struggle a little more. i wanted to say NO to my cravings and live a simpler life. you whole life i have been 'skiny' (less so now then when i was younger but none the less i have never considered myself large in any form.) i have never said no to myself about eating anything if i really wanted it. don't get me wrong, i don't eat garbage, but if i feel like eating it, i always do.
so i thought this raw food diet would help me to understand how hard it is for people who NEED to say no to themselves when they consider taking a fourth slice of pizza feel.
lesson learned: i hope i'm never fat because i failed miserably with self control.

i'll leave you with a really cool business card idea.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


i haven't updated in a couple days. on account of a huge term project being due, and needing to be presented. our client, sourz liquor, has raping our young advertising minds for the launch of their new flavours as well as selling older ones. they created a contest with our school and another one and slapped a 3 grand prize on the winning idea with runner up cash prizes too. they did their research on how to motivate college kids.
my partner and i have successfully made it to round two of the competition.

as well my roommates and i have started our raw food cleanse. since i am nothing but honest on this blog i will tell you that day 1 was a complete disaster. i was feeling like shit to begin with and well let me just say that when you work in a crepe restaurant it is very hard to resist EVERYTHING THEY SERVE IN THE RESTAURANT.

day two was perfect though, other then the comments made by my classmates. i get it people, i know i do not need to loose weight, thats not the goal here, have a fucking brain and realize eating healthy isn't just about loosing weight. organic peanut butter is my saviour. it sounds bizarre but its a good dip for peppers, and carrots.

day three was also equally as successful. my tastebuds are surviving on garlic. eating lots of fruit-grapes, bananas, oranges and strawberries. i ate raisons and LIKE THEM. which may sound like no big deal, but i haven't liked raisons since i was a little kid and by aunt told me they were dried up flies. ever since them i haven't been able to eat them unless they were cooked into something. i am consistently eating all day, definitely more food then i would normally eat but its hard to feel full with no carbs. plus i am finding i'm eating more often, like pretty much the whole day at school.

our raw food diet consists of eating fruit, seeds, sprouts, nuts, UNCOOKED vegetables, and dehydrated fruits. no dairy, carbs, meat, sugar, salt, nothing with an ingredient list or a package. it takes time to prepare meals and grocery shopping has to be done regularly to always have a fridge stocked with fresh veggies.

also, L and i have gone to a couple pilates classes and my abs are starting to ummmm appear?. i really like going to the gym, way more then i thought i would. its nice to do something for yourself and then come home all showered and clean.

there was a crazy shitstorm of snow this morning and most of my class didn't go to school but this afternoon it was gorgeous outside. ohhhhh planet, i am sorry for what we have done to you.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

sunday morning coffee

twice this weekend we went to cleopatras to get falafel. both times i was equally satisfied with my meal. don't try and argue with me that lentil soup is not made mostly out of lentils. hahah i just googled lentil soup to see what was in it and this recipe came up... check out the last ingredient...

2 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup finely chopped onion
1/2 cup finely chopped carrot
1/2 cup finely chopped celery
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1 pound lentils, picked and rinsed
1 cup peeled and chopped tomatoes
2 quarts chicken or vegetable broth
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground toasted cumin
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground grains of paradise

i wish canadian cooking included things like grains of paradise.

i like when people just show up at our apartment ready to party with no warning they are coming. good times.

guess whats coming up? my birthday! get ready for the biggest 'dinner party/sloppy times/dance recital/marijuana mashed potatoes/pomegranate whiskey sours/packed apartment/staying up to see the sun rise' of my last 21 years on this planet. so.excited.

later today d and i are going to the best commercials of 2007 (?)(i may have just made up that title but its something along those lines) at bloor cinema. then i have to go to work at 6 until 12. then wake up for school at 6 in the morning. stupid sandra needing to stupid change her stupid shift.

last weekend this (AT LEAST) 35 year old guy whos filming this movie in canada came and hit on me at the restaurant. as he is leaving he creeps his head into the area behind the counter i was working at and asks if i would have dinner with him. as flattering as that is, i'm not sure how on earth he thought he had a chance. thats just gross you pervert.

okay i have a to do list that isn't getting any shorter.
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