Friday, March 28, 2008

so watch your head and then watch the ground

HA tricked you. there was no more to come after lunch time. did you wait? ha.

this blog is a piece of shit.

I want to make a floor plan for my new apartment so that i can figure out where everything is going while I still have ppl there to help me move it. my arms are like toothpics i need to plan this ahead of time.

here is the listing for it, so that if they take it off viewit then I still have the pics. because realistically why haven't they taken it off the website, i signed the lease like 3 weeks ago or something like that.

"DUPONT-SPADINA (i would have to disagree and say its closer to dupont and bathurst, i walked it the other day and why would they lie about something like that? like obv they know where the apartment is, they LIVE there)

Located in a desirable area, this upper level bachelor apartment offers you an extensive layout which includes all your utilities; except hydro, parquet flooring, an open concept kitchen and living area, bay window, sunlit surroundings, and a 4-piece bathroom. Parking extra cost, laundry, as well as waste management facilities all on-site. Kindly contact Doll with your inquiries. $790/month plus hydro."

i am going to paint the kitchen deep eggplant purple and have avocado green accessories. plus the floor cushions my mom is making are light sandy brown with green FLOCK design on them.
this is what flock design is. my most favorite pattern in the whole entire universe.

that was fun searching for those pics, seriously that print gets me off.

I don't know what i want to do for the 'bedroom' area (i was going to explain it for you saying 'the room with the bay windows' but obv its just the room that is not the kitchen, and thus by default the bedroom).
L will be sleeping on my flop couch for the first two maybe three weeks after I move in. and possibly a boy will want to come and stay with me too. both of you have blogs now, and i am thinking of linking them but maybe you could let me know if thats okay?

also, I am going to grow my own herb garden in my kitchen window.

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zoeyjane said...

would it be overkill to paint the bedroom the green accessory colour used in the kitchen/living area?

i seriously love that apartment. i mostly love the blue that you're painting over and the LIGHT.

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