Monday, March 10, 2008

monday monday

i can not wait any longer for summer. toronto got another stupid amount of snow, i had to postpone my dinner plans (with my daddy!) :( and work was dead on a saturday. the snow has a personal vendetta to cancel all foot traffic to my restaurant on the 'busiest' day of the week. Fak off. i need the money.

sooooooo i have some very good news but i am waiting to tell a certain someone in person so i can't spill it on here yet. but it is going to make this summer awesome.

my period came 3 days late. my period never comes late. you can thank my uterus for nearly giving me a nervous breakdown. it was to the point that i was shopping this afternoon and price comparing pregnancy tests.

dear god,
please let me be infertile until after i am married. i am well aware it doesn't work like this but lets be honest we both know i would become a crazy recluse if i had a child right now.
just something to think about when people who deserve babies can't have them.
love erin.

raw food diet status: OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. couldn't do it. just couldn't do it anymore. i lasted 3 days.

this is what i learned
-when all you can eat is vegetables, they taste better when they are in season and actually taste good instead of imported mexican pesticides.
-this diet makes me loose weight, and other then a few pounds either way, i'm pretty comfortable where i am.
-real peanut butter is fucking awesome.

when i wanted to start the raw food diet i really wanted to push myself. i wanted to live a little harder and make my body struggle a little more. i wanted to say NO to my cravings and live a simpler life. you whole life i have been 'skiny' (less so now then when i was younger but none the less i have never considered myself large in any form.) i have never said no to myself about eating anything if i really wanted it. don't get me wrong, i don't eat garbage, but if i feel like eating it, i always do.
so i thought this raw food diet would help me to understand how hard it is for people who NEED to say no to themselves when they consider taking a fourth slice of pizza feel.
lesson learned: i hope i'm never fat because i failed miserably with self control.

i'll leave you with a really cool business card idea.

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