Wednesday, March 5, 2008


i haven't updated in a couple days. on account of a huge term project being due, and needing to be presented. our client, sourz liquor, has raping our young advertising minds for the launch of their new flavours as well as selling older ones. they created a contest with our school and another one and slapped a 3 grand prize on the winning idea with runner up cash prizes too. they did their research on how to motivate college kids.
my partner and i have successfully made it to round two of the competition.

as well my roommates and i have started our raw food cleanse. since i am nothing but honest on this blog i will tell you that day 1 was a complete disaster. i was feeling like shit to begin with and well let me just say that when you work in a crepe restaurant it is very hard to resist EVERYTHING THEY SERVE IN THE RESTAURANT.

day two was perfect though, other then the comments made by my classmates. i get it people, i know i do not need to loose weight, thats not the goal here, have a fucking brain and realize eating healthy isn't just about loosing weight. organic peanut butter is my saviour. it sounds bizarre but its a good dip for peppers, and carrots.

day three was also equally as successful. my tastebuds are surviving on garlic. eating lots of fruit-grapes, bananas, oranges and strawberries. i ate raisons and LIKE THEM. which may sound like no big deal, but i haven't liked raisons since i was a little kid and by aunt told me they were dried up flies. ever since them i haven't been able to eat them unless they were cooked into something. i am consistently eating all day, definitely more food then i would normally eat but its hard to feel full with no carbs. plus i am finding i'm eating more often, like pretty much the whole day at school.

our raw food diet consists of eating fruit, seeds, sprouts, nuts, UNCOOKED vegetables, and dehydrated fruits. no dairy, carbs, meat, sugar, salt, nothing with an ingredient list or a package. it takes time to prepare meals and grocery shopping has to be done regularly to always have a fridge stocked with fresh veggies.

also, L and i have gone to a couple pilates classes and my abs are starting to ummmm appear?. i really like going to the gym, way more then i thought i would. its nice to do something for yourself and then come home all showered and clean.

there was a crazy shitstorm of snow this morning and most of my class didn't go to school but this afternoon it was gorgeous outside. ohhhhh planet, i am sorry for what we have done to you.

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zoeyjane said...

k, so um, raw food. where does protein and cholesterol come in? is it just a cleanse you're doing? (why ARE people so stupid. i say gluten free diet for z and i and people tell me that i don't have to lose weight. NFS, i recommend you say)

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