Tuesday, March 25, 2008

nickels and dimes

I am adding a lot of cute pictures in an attempt to make me happier.

yesterday I snapped on three different people. and i feel really bad about it. but i didn't feel bad about it until this morning, yesterdays rage lasted about 6 hours. thats along time folks.

the worst of the rage happened when i was trying to fall asleep and realized that the reason (and i have yet to prove this, but its my theory) that my dad wants to know if my mom put money in my account this month (because obvs i don't use child support at home so *most* of it comes to me directly) is because HE gave her money and SHE did NOT put it in my account i realized yesterday. so not only is she taking money from dad and refusing to help out her children with thier education anymore but she is KEEPING THE MONEY TO HERSELF.


breath. it will all be over august 2009. no more school, no more parent 'support', no more NEED for parent support, no more bullshit.

i'm applying for osap next year and i don't even care if i have a big fat loan by the end of it, i have the rest of my life to pay it off, fuck this living like the world is going to end if i don't have the next 3 months worth of rent stockpiled in my account. i am going to life MY life TODAY.

starting now.

wow reading that post is a little trippy and kind of like riding down a slide.
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