Saturday, March 29, 2008

would you eat chicken if you knew you had to kill it first?

i am seriously hung over from going out last night. we went to the brunswick house. kind of glad we didn't make it there for my birthday. good atmosphere but lammmmmmee music. kill me with house/hip hop beats. free pita pit after though.

I think i was still drunk when i woke up so i felt fine when i went to work. but as the day progressed the whiskey monster in my head slowly crippled me. headache and nausea city. grosssss...

two tylenols, shot of pepto, and hour nap later i am getting excited for all you can eat sushi.

picked up 2 ounces of pot today. i'm a baller. except one ounce is for a guy at my work and L and i got it for so cheap that we only have to pay like 70$ each. he has to pay 160$ though. thats just how the food chain works ppl.

haven't tried it yet but thats next on my mind. he said if we have any complaints to return it. what is this loblaws? i didn't know dealers have exchange policies. fuckin nutso.

the internet isn't working on my computer so i have to use my roommates. bummmmmmmer. also my NEW external harddrive isn't being recognized by my computer anymore. i turned it off the last time i used it without 'ejecting' it. did i fuck it up? i hope not. fuck fuck fuck. thats okay its only like 4 days old i will just exchange it.

zoeyjane has inspired me to think of green for my new bedroom colour, and i like the sounds of that.

i don't think i am going to work at the crepe restaurant next year because i think i will have to kill my boss before that happens. let me enlighten you - usually there are two girls in on saturday lunch. today there is just me for some reason. fine my me i think, more tips bitches! my boss tells me to just let him know when he could help me out (making drinks and such behind the scenes to back me up) which is what they always do when just one girl is working. does he not watch a movie on his laptop all morning and then when we start to get busy decides that is the perfect time to walk to the store and pick out some things for the restaurant. faaaaaack you. i am busting my balls when he comes in and he reminds me he is there to help. yah thanks asshole i could have used you for the last two hours. i still had shit he could have helped with but by this time i was so bitter i just wanted him out of my face and finished everything by myself. it was a matter of principle by then.

plus he is changing the whole tip out procedure (for the better) but is doing it all wrong so i garentee he will just have to change it again. i tried explaining to him how every other restaurant in north america does it but he still thinks he has a better system.

okay i needed to vent that i am feeling better now. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

oh how excited i am to become an office 9-5 bitch this summer with weekends off to drink on patio's, go to the cottage, and do all my food shopping at pedestrian sundays in kensignton market. life will be grand.

oh and i am going to buy a bike like this

to ride everywhere this summer and tone up my ass.

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