Tuesday, April 1, 2008

snap crackle pop

It is crunch time for erin elizabeth over here. I have 10 unfinished projects that need to be reformatted, edited, thumbs up from teachers and teammates, reprinted and mounted into my portfolio. PLUS client, objective, strategy and media used write ups for each project. not to mention that my portfolio needs to stand on its own without me to explain each piece, so mucho explaining needs to be done in text form. kablammmmmmmo

this is from last year, one of the projects that is close to being finished.

Product- velocity: An elevated system of bike lanes to efficiently move people around the city. Designed similar to a highway; the system is for bikers of any pace with three lanes intended for passing. With separate all-weather tubes for each direction, wind resistance is minimized for optimum speeds. Velocity boasts easy to use on and off ramps, elevators, washrooms, showers, security and other amenities.

Objective- The objective of the completed advertising campaign will be to promote the usage and awareness of this bike system in the city of Toronto.
Strategy-The idea behind the concept of velo-city is to create a safe and environmentally friendly way to get around Toronto on a bike. Velocity offers a more economical and efficient ways to get around the city. This would be a great way for Toronto to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as becoming an innovative city.
Media: building wraps, informative flyers attached to bikes around the city.

I am thinking of a cool business card idea and this is my inspiration-

found out today that my summer job can count as my internship! soooo that means that next semester I have from December 20th to May OFFFFFFFF FFFFFFOOOOOOMMMMM SCHHHHOOOOOLLL!! holy shit sons.

but chances are I will just do another internship or continue working at the same law firm that i will be working at in the summer. or maybe i will go to europe. heh.

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