Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hey now there's chemicals in the clouds

spring is almost here and i couldn't be more positive about it. its the time of year when we think of growth, health, abundance and rebirth. all excellent things to think of.

i've been eating a lot of meat lately. and this amazing sprout bean mix i discovered that i guarantee has a ton of protein in it. i'm guess thats on account of it being shark week. aunt flow? (on a side note one of the projects our class is working on is for tampax and let me just say there have been wayyyyyyy too many period jokes in the past few days by certain guys in my class for someone whos actually living the dream) but getting back on track. my body is telling me protein and i can't get enough of it. oh and when i say can't get enough of it i mean like one meat with meal every two days, because thats a lot more then usual.

i have a million and half (yes really a million and a half do not question me this is my blog i can say whatever i want) things to be doing for school right now so i am going to bed now. goodnight.

oh and today i learned what existentialism is.

1 comment:

Phronk said...

I'm supposed to be smart but I have no idea what existentialism is.

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